Wednesday 101013

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With a partner:
5 rounds
200 meter row
10 Front Squats (132#/99#)

Rest between rounds while partner goes.

Post time from each round to comments/Logwod.

CFO's Market to Market Relay team: Steve Filips, Megan McNamara, and Dave Paladino.

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7 Responses to "Wednesday 101013"

  1. kahrs Says:
  2. Felt great to be at 6am today, I loved this one 1:30 was my slowest time.
  3. Nick.M Says:
  4. Holy shit that was tougher than it looked! Didn't do the best job of staying consistent. Slowest was 1:39 (Rd 4), fastest was 1:03 (Rd 1), but I did improve to 1:33 in Rd 5. Probably would have been slower but Greg Mo did a good job of pushing me through the last couple rounds when I was struggling.

    Good work 6am!
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. Ditto on the Holy Shit, Nick....5 hours later and I'm finally starting to feel somewhat normal.


    That's the most lactic acid I've ever had in any one muscle group!

    Awesome effort by the 6amers today.....good to have you Josh!

    Also, good partnering with you, Jeremiah "Sweet Tea Vodka"

  7. Kat Says:
  8. mmmmm I love sweet tea vodka...thanks for making me want to drink at work Brian!
  9. Chip Says:
  10. That was brutal, slowest time was 1:20 at 110#. It took me about an hour to feel normal.
  11. Hilg Says:
  12. Anytime, Kat, Anytime.
  13. Kelli Says:
  14. 24 people at 6:30!!! Awesome job everyone....sorry I had to sit out round 3. Kinda felt like I was going to die. Reminded me of the prowler last year in Kansas at the Next Level Games. Fastest time was round 1 (big surprise!) with 1:09 at 77#. Slowest was round 5 (again, big surprise) 1:27 with 63#

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