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There are three levels from which to choose from. Level 1 is the easiest but still poses a challenge. Level 2 and 3 are the same as Level 1 but with a higher rep scheme. The goal of the workout is to get through the level of choice as fast as possible. The only thing in your way is the requirement of unbroken reps before being allowed to move on from exercise to exercise.

This means that when the workout starts, you must complete the exercise you are on without stopping or messing up until the required reps are met. You continue in this fashion until the workout is complete. If you do mess up or have to break up the reps, you must then restart at rep 1 and try again, understanding that you can't move on until you have completed the required reps, unbroken of course.

The exercises are as follows:
Sit ups
L1=20 - L2=30 - L3=40
Wall Balls (20#/14#, 10 foot target)
L1=10 - L2=20 - L3=30
KB Swings (1.5/1 pood)
L1=15 - L2=25 - L3=35
Push ups (guys reps/gals reps)
L1=15/10 - L2=25/18 - L3=35/25
Double Unders (sub no pushup burpees for L1 and L2 only)
L1=15 - L2=30 - L3=50
Pull ups
L1=10 - L2=15 - L3=20
Box Jumps (24"/20")
L1=10 - L2=20 - L3=30
Dead-lift (225#/154#, L1 can scale to 176#/115#)
L1=9 - L2=15 - L3=21

Choose your level and post time to comments.

Obstacles. Can you get through them?

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8 Responses to "Saturday 100327"

  1. paul Says:
  2. This looks awesome. My legs are the most sore they have ever been, however, so I'm taking a day off.
  3. GregP Says:
  4. Great Job 8am !!

    I really like ths WOD. I tend to break reps up and having to concentrate on completing each section without stopping is something I needed.

    Did level 2 18:43 including the 15 - 225# DL. I am so happy about that because that is more than my 1RM was in October. Thanks everyone for the encouragement during the DL.

    You are missing a good one Paul.
  5. Addi Says:
  6. Yesterday left me wrecked, but this went better than expected.

    Level 3 - 19:4something... I'm sure there was way too much rest between most. My goal was to not have to restart any - had to restart the DUs once. I'm happy with that - I was most worried about pushups.

    Congrats on the DL, Greg! Your next 1RM is going to be huge.

    And to Danielle on the box jumps - way to fight for it, girl.
  7. paul Says:
  8. Yeah, Greg--that's awesome about your DL!
  9. VanBeek Says:
  10. Not feeling it today so just did one... but it was fun

    Wall Ball (20#) x20
    Pull Ups X10
    5 mins - Max RDS - 4 1/2 + 2 Pull Ups- Should have made 5RDS
    As Many Stair Sprints as Possible in 4 mins - All the way up counts as 2
    - 16 flights total
    Max Muscle Ups in 3 mins - 17
    - Felt good and no misses
    REST 1 MIN
    MAX GHD Sit Ups in 2 mins - 30
    REST 30 SECS
    MAX DU's in 1 min - 98

    Tough One but did ok considering how I feel right now... REST DAY TOMORROW!! :)
  11. BigD Says:
  12. I'm the same as GregP, I tend to break reps up alot so the concentration on not stopping helped. Did level 2 in 17:21. RX'd all but the DUs. But, for the first time ever, I was able to string together consecutive DUs. As of late, the best I could do was going double-single-double-single, ect... Not sure if it was Ricky say there was no choice but going straight DUs or my brain and body finally getting the movement, but I put together 18 DUs. Too bad I needed 30. Went 12 and then 10 before I decided on the burpees.
    Fun stuff! Awesome job on DLs Greg!
  13. John Says:
  14. 18:58 @ Level III.
    By far worst Was the Pull-Ups as I had just done "Murph" 2 days earlier and my Back was KILLING ME !
    OMG, I was struggling through the Pull-Ups like you wouldn't believe...
    Strangely, even after 200 Push-Ups on Thursday, I wasn't that sore from the Push-Ups today. My back, however.... OMG, I do believe I need a rest day.
  15. Danielle Baker Says:
  16. DNF on level 2. Things were going great until box jumps where I started @ 9 mins and would get 16, 18, and 19 several times. I think I eventually did get 20 after I stopped doing a double bounce. I did the deadlift and time was 21 something. Not real happy about this. Thanks for the encouragement from everyone that passed me :)

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