Wednesday 120919

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Seven rounds for time of:
15 Goodmornings, 63#/43#
L-Sit, 60 seconds

Use as many sets as necessary to accumulate 60 seconds in the L-sit position. The prescription is same size bumper plates underneath the hands and heels.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

The proper L-sit for this workout. Bryce has his feet pulled high but as long as the heels remain above the surface of the plates, he can accumulate time. Ideally, the legs must also remain fully extended.

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6 Responses to "Wednesday 120919"

  1. JimmyG Says:
  2. How did everyone feel about this one? I have mixed feelings about it. The Good Mornings were fine, but I'd program the l-sits differently next time. If I had actually taken the time to accumulate 7mins of L-Sit, I'd be in the gym for 3 hours. The way I ended up scaling was to complete my Good Mornings, then accumulate as much L-sit as possible in the minute following my last good morning. My L-sits were more like knee to chest-sits and I ended up switching to hanging knee raises half way through because my shoulder started throbbing. (pre-existing injury) All in all took me about 16 min.

    I like both of the movements in this one, but as a workout, not so great. I'd go into this one with the mindset of Skill Development as opposed to developing work capacity. I'd like to hear everyone else's experience with it though.

  3. paul Says:
  4. Wasn't able to make it in today. I might do a version of this tomorrow, more or less as you suggested, Jimmy.
  5. Addi Says:
  6. Jimmy, I agree that this is best approached as skill development, which is how we "sold" it in class. We gave them 20 minutes and treated it as more of an AMRAP. We did accumulate the full minute on the L-sit, but it worked pretty well - most people got 5ish rounds. A little lower volume that way, but everyone had GREAT movement on the good mornings. I do love a good hip hinge.

    It was a great combination of skills - just the right amount of grumbling from the masses.

    Couch stretch and posterior chain flossing tomorrow, kids!!! Do it!
  7. Addi Says:
  8. Also, CONGRATUFRIGGINGLATIONS to Megan McNamara for getting her 1st muscle-up today!!! About time!!! So many exclamation points!!!!!!!
  9. Paula Says:
  10. A HUGE CONGRATS TO MEGAN MAC ON THE MUSCLE UP!!!!! I'm so proud of you girl! Your hard work and the persistence paid off as well as 2 weeks of dips!

    Today's wod was a lot tougher than expected. I used the 44# bar for good mornings and 1 foot elevated for L-sits. Just finished the good mornings of 6th rd. These felt good and strong....surprisingly. Hamstrings are still very sore from run and yesterdays AS didn't help.

    Nice job 4:30!
  11. Sarah Long Says:
  12. I thought it was a good workout in the fact we could slow things down a bit and work on core and skilled movement/technique. I didn't concentrate on getting all 7 rounds in. Just focused on control and making it through each minute of the L sit. Definitely allowed my weaknesses to shine through (hamstring flexibility and core strength). Made it through 5 rounds plus 15 good mornings with scaled L sits to bent knee.

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