Thursday 120920

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Rest Day

Reminder that 5-7am is one class as well as 4:30-7:30pm. Sign up and show up when you want, so long as you're out by 7 / 7:30pm. Thanks. Come ready to work.

Post to comments what you remember most about this movie. Is it one of your favorites of all time? If not, what is? Goonies? The Karate Kid?

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  1. Pingel Says:
  2. The Barf Fest in Stand by Me always cracks me up. But my all time fav is "The Sandlot"
  3. paul Says:
  4. as a kid, I identified very strongly with Teddy DuChamp.
  5. Alex Says:

    The Truffle Shuffle? YES.
    Sloth? YES.
    Pirate Treasure? YES.
    Rocky Road? YES>
  7. Pingel Says:
  8. I have had a bum pec for the last two weeks so I put together 5 movements that feel good and came up with a fun little workout:

    10 225lb back squat
    30sec handstand hold
    10 GH raises
    50 DU
    10 Knees to Elbows

    It's Thursday right your the coach make up something fun today!
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. Did "Linda" with Gina at 6 a.m.

    10! (10,9,8,.......2,1)

    Bench Press
    Squat cleans

    Rx'd is 1.5 BW on DL
    BW on bench
    .75 BW on squat cleans

    My BW fluctuates between 156-158.

    Went Rx'd on DL at 240#
    110# for Bench press
    Went Rx'd on Squat cleans at 121#

    23:07. This was tough! I went unbroken on DL's and Bench throughout. For squat cleans, I tried not to rest, but I know there were times I took a couple extra breaths between reps. I took the most rest right before bench. Once I got in the rounds of 5 and below, it seemed more "metcon like" and Greg was a bit of a slave driver when it came to bench. "No rest" was his motto. I've always wanted to do this WOD. Thanks Gina for doing it with me and thanks to Greg P for spotting on bench.
  11. Tovar Says:
  12. If we're talking '80's movies, I absolutely love Stand By Me. What a great friggin movie. The part I remember most is when Gordie and Chris have their near death experience outrunning the train on the bridge. They must have been doing crossfit in their spare time or something to prepare them for that moment of the unknown and the unknowable. :)

    How about The Monster Squad? Does anybody remember that movie. I used to love that movie too. Ha!
  13. Egan Says:
  14. Man, I LOVED Stand By Me!!!! Still one of the best movies I ever watched as a kid. A great part is when they all sit down on the track to count their change and Vern has none....but he brought a comb, even thought he has a flat top, he "brought it for you guy's." on top of the fact that he has no money because he buried and lost is jar of coins months earlier under the porch, is just some of the beauty and skill the writers had, both sad and funny. A great "Coming of Age" story!!!
  15. Gdawg Says:
  16. sandlot is one of my favorites and will be FOR-EV-ER. I always watch goonies when it's on TV too, classic. And Karate Kid is pretty amazing as parents must be big fans because they recently named their new barn cat "Mr. Meowgi" it!

    I'm going to go swimming tonight at 6 at Boys Town if anyone wants to join, otherwise Sunday let's get a good group in the water! have a good rest day guys!

  17. Joe Says:
  18. "Two for flinchin'!"

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