Wednesday 120905

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Bent Over Row 5-5-5 reps

Complete on a 3 minute clock.


In teams of 2, complete 2 rounds for time of:
Fireman's Carry, 400 meters
50 Alternating Burpee Box Jumps

For the buddy carry: each time a team member is put down the person who was carried now becomes the carrier.

For the Burpee Box Jumps: 1 box per team (no exceptions), 1 teammate completes a rep, then the other teammate completes a rep for a total of 50 per round.  Box height is determined by teammate with least amount of jumping ability.

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Trevor Dinovo

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7 Responses to "Wednesday 120905"

  1. john Says:
  2. Teamed up with Frank and Spencer this morning....

    I believe we ended up with 152 on the last row.

    For conditioning - since we had three in our team, we had some black, evil bag of chaos that Amanda had the third person carry during the fireman carries. It had to be held in the front, sort of like a front squat. Not sure what was in there but it got heavier the further we got away from the gym.

    Anyways - we did 70 burpees each round and finished at 14:40.

    Nice job gentlemen and Team 6AM!!!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Teamed up with Adam--what a beast! We finished 17:12 rx'ed. Split the burpees evenly, but Adam must've carried me at least 2/3 of the time. I felt like I was just a little whisp of a man. I kept expecting him to get tired, and he'd just keep on trucking, dragging my sorry ass up and down the hill. Nasty, bro!

    We rowed 154-164-169.

    Great work as always, 6am! I never regret waking up to work out with you all (and often regret NOT doing it).
  5. paul Says:
  6. Oh yeah, and we used a 20" box.
  7. Gdawg Says:
  8. todays workout was a watch :-) fireman carries look "fun"! 9am did a great job, and it made me super excited to see karen throwing her baby girl on her back, adorable beast! also I enjoyed gym ratting a bit with Mark, good talkin with ya!

    fantastic work this morning shelley and lauren. you ladies mean so much during this training. it's the next best thing to being in CFO group classes throughout the have people going through the same hellish fun as you, so much better with a team, that's why crossfit is so addicting-you're not alone!

    good luck evening classes, i'm planning on cutting work early so I can come rat w/ya'll :-) shhhh, don't tell on me.
  9. Steve Says:
  10. Built up to 164 row,

    Teamed up with Dan- 15:55. Happy with that. Thanks Dan for pushing to have a goal.

  11. Collins Says:
  12. Teamed up with Josh Kahrs (yes I rode Addis husband like Seabuiscuit!) Serioisly though he definitely did more than half the carrying nice work Josh! Rows 153 153 173 completed WOD In 18:40ish
  13. JennG Says:
  14. Rows: 109, 121 & 131

    Teamed up with Kelly for the Met con. We used a 65# sandbag & I added the 20# vest. We did jumps onto an 18" stack of plates. Finished in 18:43.

    Spent some time after class working on kipping pull-up attempts & then tried them on rings. Kinda fun! I'm feeling the pull-ups in my near future. It's about damn time!!

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