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Dumbbell/Kettlebell Press - 3x5 (sets across)

Better to go too light than too heavy. Refrain from missing any reps. Complete these on a 3 minute clock.


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell Squat Jumps
Kettlebell Swings, 2/1.5 pood

For the squat jumps, there is no prescribed weight. Choose a set of dumbbells that may allow you to go unbroken on the set of 21.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Bob and Shane resting during push up reps at our recent Murph event.

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14 Responses to "Tuesday 120904"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. Really, guys? Chalking up for push-ups? That seems excessive. :)
  3. Steve Says:
  4. CFO has 12 people so far running the Corporate Cup 10 km (6.2 m) on 16 Sept, plus there's a couple other CFO members running with different groups. Don't be left out on the fun- go to and join team CFO.

    This 10 km is just like running a marathon, but with-out the 20 mile warm-up.
  5. paul Says:
  6. To avoid the temptation to use my shoulder, I worked out at home:

    DL (225)
    Air squats


    Pretty hard. I think I'm feeling the effects of a week of rest. Oh well. You can't lose anything in a week that you can't gain back in a week (unless it's connective tissue).
  7. john Says:
  8. 45s for the DB presses.

    4:21 going with 25s and 1.5pd KB. I considered the 2pd - but wanted to go unbroken, which I did.

    Smoker of a workout!!!! I was crushed after the first round and it was knife fight from there!

    Great work 6am!
  9. Nate Gray Says:
  10. Made a bad choice with weights and met pukey after the first round. From there the wheels fell off.....
  11. Sherv Says:
  12. sets of 50# for the presses

    4:51 for the metcon @ 30# and 2pd. Kinda underestimated this one. Never set the DBs down, but paused at the top a couple of times in the set of 15.
  13. Shane Says:
  14. Addi, by the end of Murph, Bob and I were chalking for pushups, wrist-wrapping for air-squats, and crying out for both mercy and justice. But we finished, dammit.
  15. Rooks Says:
  16. 45's for presses

    Ended up with 3:48 using 25's and 1.5pd.

    Still feeling about 60%-75% with my allergies killing me for this last week!
    Good job 9am!!!
  17. Shannon Nordquist Says:
  18. I used 25# for the presses.

    4:49 using 15# and 1 pd. I had to take a rest break on the set of 15 and short breaks between sets. As always, it was tougher than I thought it would be.
  19. Eric C Says:
  20. I started w/ 45# for presses (fear of missing a rep). Moved up to 50# after some mocking and finger pointing (thanks for the 'motivation' Mark). : )

    4:17 using 25# and 2 pood.
    2nd round was a hot mess. One... at... a... time.... jumping squats. Had to stop once during swings. Last round was manageable.
  21. Gdawg Says:
  22. way to go Nate on getting introduced to pukey! yikes!

    failing to plan, is planning to fail! Did not allow myself enough time to get in a sufficient breakfast, also I ate much earlier for dinner last night...body wasn't use to any of that and needed more fuel for today, kept getting tunnel vision after my lifts for teh first 30 min or so...HUGE MISTAKE on my part, lesson learned!

  23. Paula Says:
  24. Presses-Started with 30# DB then went with the 35#. Felt good! Note to 40# next time.

    5:41 on conditioning. 1.5 pd and used only 10# DB- there were no more 15's and 20's would of been impossible to go 21 unbroken. Broke up KB - 8,7,6, then 5's on 15rd, and unbroken on squats and swings on last set. The last couple were really ugly. TOUGH WOD and kinda fun in a weird way.

    Tomorrows looks "fun". I think Im going to have a little chat with Jimbo.
  25. JennG Says:
  26. Used 30's for the presses. Tried the 1 pd, but couldn't get them overhead. Sort of wish I had tried 35's, though because 30's weren't that challenging.

    5:48 on the met con. Used 1.5 for the swings...pretty easy. Used 20's for the squats because that's all that was left. Wasn't able to go unbroken on the 21's as an extra 40lbs was, well, sucky. Did the 15's with no weight, then did the 9's with the 20's again.
  27. Shane Says:
  28. 1.5 pood kbs for the presses. 4:21 metcon, using 25s and 2 pood kb.

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