Thursday 120906

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Rest Day

CrossFit huddle

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  1. Sherv Says:
  2. Came in early today to work on Overhead Squats. After a VERY thorough warm-up, completed 10 sets of 1. Worked up to a new PR: 213#
    Tried a bonus rep @ 220, but my knees caved in and it was over from there. Next time...

    Kinda nice coming to 5am.
  3. paul Says:
  4. Front squat: 5-5-5
    220, 230, 235. I could feel some fatigue from yesterday.

    500m row, 10 GH situps
    400m row, 10 GH situps
    300m row, 10 GH situps
    200m row, 10 GH situps
    100m row, 10 GH situps
    10:04. Tried to keep all rows at a 1:45 pace or below, but I think I was a little slower on the 400.
  5. john Says:
  6. Saw Cory doing OHD squats and thought that would go nicely with my '176 in 7min' workout plan.

    Did 4 sets of 142X3 on OHD Squats.

    Once complete - warmed up a little on clean and split jerks to ready for 176lbs OHD as many times within 7 minutes. My plan was 1 rep every 30 second, which I did until the last minute where I missed the last one but still had some time for a re-attack. Scored 14 reps which is a PR coming from 11 last time back on 31 May. Used split jerk on all reps to get overhead.

    Still need to work on shoulder shrug and foot work. Bending arms to much and to early!

    However - very pleased with current progress and will focus more on clean technique.

    Thanks to Amanda and 6am crew for the cheering.
  7. JennG Says:
  8. Came in with the intention of doing mobility. Ended up doing 5 rounds of 5 power cleans (121#) and 25 double unders. Got two of the rounds unbroken double unders. Tried to get through the rounds relatively quickly but didn't time as I wanted to work on some technique with the cleans. Ended up doing an extra 5 or 6 cleans at the end. Then worked on pull ups both on the bar and rings.
  9. Lauren F. Says:
  10. Came in for pilates, then worked on some stuff to try and maintain some strength while recovering from my back. Did 4 rounds of 20 db walking lunges, 10 db press, and 10 pushups. Used 15# for lunges and press. Also climbed the rope a few times...need to learn how to come down more efficiently. I think it's more tiring for me to climb down than it is to go up!

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