Friday 120907

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4 rounds for time of:

1 out/1 in Run
Rest 2 min
10 Overhead Squats 132#/99#
Rest no more than 2 minutes (All athletes should start the run together for timing purposes)

Athletes run as far as they can for 1 min then turn and run back for the second min. Athletes should run hard enough that they don't make it back to the start in 1 min. In other words, they should always return late.

No racks for the OHS. Snatch into the OHS is acceptable.

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What up Jason?

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7 Responses to "Friday 120907"

  1. Egan Says:
  2. Jimbo,

    Keep it up this has been a great start to the month, I can't wait to see how the rest of the month's programming will turn out!!!!
  3. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail Says:
  4. Oh I love a WOD with running (but those inclines are sneaky!) Felt great to run!

    OH squat 53#/53#/58#/63# I definitely can bump up my weight for next time (good thing I'm logging, eh?). It's amazing how much flexibility one can gain in a month at CFO.
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. Good work this am Megan G and Lauren W:

    Highlights: Megan's back squat 1 RM has got to be higher based on what I saw today, and Lauren battled through a tough metcon.
  7. Steve Says:
  8. 132 rx'd. Made the 2 uphill runs just onto 90 th st. Thanks to Andrew and Jason for setting the pace... and Pat when he wasn't sandbagging on the run.
  9. JennG Says:
  10. 68# for the OHS
    Got at least 400 meters and a little past on each run. The return run killed me everytime. My sincerest apologies for yelling at Steve. I don't think I've ever told anyone to their face to shut up. Horribly embarrassed! Also to Tara. :( This WOD tested my limits, for sure. Thank you, to all, for the encouragement.
  11. Marie Says:
  12. This was challenging. OHS are really hard for me, and my legs were wobbly after the run. In warmups I convinced myself that I had actually grabbed a men's bar, since it felt so heavy. No, I'm just weak!! 38 lbs for the WOD (ugh). But it was a fun group at 5:30, and everyone killed it.
  13. JimmyG Says:
  14. Thanks, Egan! I'm glad you're enjoying it. My legs are stil thrashed from DB squat jumps, but running today seems to have loosened them up a little. Warmed up to 135 on the OHS but wouldn't have been able to perform all the squats so I dropped down to 115. made it about 600m on the first run, but only a little more than 400 on the next three sets.

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