Monday 120813

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Four rounds for time of:
6 Muscle ups
6 Box Jumps, 36 inch box
24 Overhead Squats, 64#/43#

Not my creation but a gem indeed. Scale muscle ups down to 2-3 per round if needed. If you do not have muscle ups, substitute one of the movements from the video posted below or 15 pull ups and 15 straight bar dips (or push ups) per round.

If you choose to use the subs posted in the video, you must make sure that your shoulders are below your elbows before attempting the dip out. There is a 15 minute time cap on this workout.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

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6 Responses to "Monday 120813"

  1. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail Says:
  2. Love the video breakdown of variations.
  3. paul Says:
  4. DNF: 3 rds plus 4 MU rx'ed. Tougher than expected, and my MU were slow today.

    know the old joke? "I just flew in from doing 21 muscle-ups, and boy are my arms tired."
  5. Shane Says:
  6. NOW I see why Paul went into philophy and not comedy. Wise in so many ways.

    I wanted 2 mus/rd. Got 2 the first round, and 1 each thereafter. Consecutive mus seem as daunting as mus themselves once did.... Finished at about 14:50..
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. Tall box jumps = fun!
    Once my head gets out of the way...
  9. Paula Says:
  10. Ohhhh....It is so good to be back after a more than a week off. I missed CFO. So good to see everyone.

    DNF- I PR'd on box jumps at 23". I know it doesn't seem very tall for most but for me it's huge. Did jumping pullups and pushups and 43# OHS. I got into the 4th rd of 10 pushups, so had the BJ and OHS left. Broke up OHS 12-12 1st rd and by 8's on rd 2 and 3. Those got tough quick!

    Nice work 6:30!!!

  11. Stacie Says:
  12. 10:20 rxd

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