Friday 120817

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For time:
50 Pull ups
immediately followed by,

Three rounds of:
Run 400 meters
35 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood
35 Air Squats

immediately followed by,
50 Pull ups

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Look at these lovely ladies. Inspiring, to say the least.

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12 Responses to "Friday 120817"

  1. Steve Says:
  2. Mark had a good post yesterday on running the Omaha Corp Cup 10km. Come out and give it a try on 16 Sept. Go to and join Team CFO.

    There are no official race T-shirts, just wear a Xfit shirt.
  3. Gdawg Says:
  4. great photo ladies! You rock!

    you could wear the blue performance shirts for the Corporate cup! If you don't have one, there are still some up front at the CFO store!

    Great working this morning with Shelley and Katelyn! Shelley has come a long way in a short time on her snatch lifts, and Katelyn is a quick learning lady! Kyle was also great about giving some feedback this morning to us ladies, very helpful in the workout.

    I know everyone looks for tips/coaching from Ricky & Joe...but if they aren't available don't forget we have so many great experienced athletes and other coaches in the gym that you can go to.

    Be assertive in classes. If you don't feel that you're getting individualized attention there is nothing wrong with saying, "Hey coach, watch me on this one". They aren't mind readers so speak up!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and good luck with the workout today! Watch the video from Tuesdays blog about grip for your pullups, hope it minimizes the amoung of hand tears!

  5. Mark Says:
  6. DNF again for me today. I got through 12 squats on the last round before the final 50 pullups. Running again was my biggest weakness. I broke up swings to 21 and 14 each round and did all squats slow but unbroken.

    Good Friday morning workout to get me pumped for the weekend!
  7. paul Says:
  8. babied my shoulder a little bit today. also, i was just slow. scaled down to 30 PU, but still DNF'ed. Got 9 PU in the 2nd rd.
  9. JennG Says:
  10. Came in at noon today so I could enjoy the beautiful weather tonight.

    Have been working on scaling strategies so went this route today:
    Scaled the pull-ups to 30 jumping at each end. Then for the 3 rounds in the middle, I did 200 meter runs and 18 reps for the swings & squats, but I used a 1.5 pd for the swings. Finished in 15:37.

    Make sure to read Megan's post ^ & then re-read it. She's smart...and right.
  11. Katelyn Busacker Says:
  12. Thank you Megan for that shout out. You are doing excellent as well and I have enjoyed our workouts together, along with Shelley!

    Kyle thank you for the help today, I still have a lot to learn on Olympic lifts. Your help is appreciated.

    I agree with Megan's comment about reaching out to others for help, it is extremely helpful to get feedback on how your movements look. Asking for someone to watch is extremely wise!

    Happy Friday Everyone!

  13. Gdawg Says:
  14. thanks ladies! Keep up the great work!
  15. Stacie Says:
  16. Tovar and I are doing the corporate cup but, like last year, will sign up under SimplyWell's (company I work for) team. Would love to run with the CFO group so whoever is in charge of CFO's team... please keep us in the loop as to where you're meeting the morning of the race. Would really appreciate it, thank you!

    Steve challenged me to racing it last year and I'm so glad he did. I can't wait to do it again... and PR!

    Come join in on the fun guys - you won't regret doing it, you'll regret it if you don't.
  17. Tovar Says:
  18. I'm going to make an effort to try and get back to posting like some of the others. Here's a recap of my week.

    Monday's Wod: 8:17 rx'd
    I was sub 6 mins when I started 4th rd but my mu's fell off a bit in the last rd.

    Tuesday's Wod: 318 x 5 Deadlift w/straps - 80 burpees in 3 mins

    Thursday's Wod: 2:17 Grace

    Today's Wod: DNF
    I came into this one really excited as I was having a great week of crossfit. Had my first 50 pu's done in about 1:10. Unfortunately my hip flexors and low back started tightening up immediately on the very first run and by the time I made it to the 3rd round I was pretty much jog/walking on the run and was in a lot of pain doing kb swings and air squats. Assuming it was caused by the heavy deads, grace, and lack of sleep the last couple of days. If I was smart I would have just thrown in the towel on round 2 rather than make my back worse. However I'm a prideful idiot and decided to keep pushing for the finish. Made it thru 15 pullups of the final 50. I was really pissed that my hips/back messed up the workout for me but I think my back was more pissed at me for continuing on.

    Stacie talked me into going to Pilate's class at 8:00 tomorrow morning so gonna give that a try. Looking forward to seeing what this stuff is all about. Don't be too rough on me Carrie! :)
  19. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail Says:
  20. Great job today all!

    DNF: The kipping PU eludes me, so I did 50 jumping pull-ups, got through the 3 rounds prescribed, and ended at 21 jumping pull-ups.

    Corporate Cup sounds fun!!
  21. Eric C Says:
  22. After debating the scaling options w Greg O'Kief, we said, 'f- it' and went Rx'd.

    I got pullups done in about 2 mins. Like Tovar, back tightened up a lot during the swings. Third round had me a little worried. Got 7 Pullups done in the last round when time was called.

    This was 4th day in a row so I was happy I got as far as I did.
  23. Stacie Says:
  24. 17:38 rxd

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