Wednesday 120711

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Three rounds of:
2 Weighted Pull ups, 45#/20#
3 Strict Pull ups
4 Kipping Pull ups

Rest 60 seconds

Max reps in 30 seconds of:
Shoulder to Overhead, 155#/109#

Rest 2 minutes. Repeat cycle 2 more times.

Scale pull up portion to A) strict pull up (no band) - kipping pull up - jumping pull up or B) strict negative - strict pull up (with small band) - jumping pull up.

Post max shoulder to overhead reps to comments/Logwod.

Blair and her A+ smile. Glad she's one of us CFO'rs.

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  1. Tovar Says:
  2. I case you missed this on the blog last night.... CFO Nation don't forget to say a quick prayer for our Stacie and Kyle as they'll be taking on one hell of a beast bright and early this morning. Please send all your positive vibes their way! The ocean swim, bike, and run event starts at 8:00 am pacific time. Give 'em hell Stacie and Kyle!
  3. Gdawg Says:
  4. if you haven't got on twitter already because of @womenofcfo and @theGym_CFOmaha THEN you should get on to be following @CrossFitGames updates! fantastic info and many pics! Best of luck to Stacie and Kyle! They will Rep North Central, Omaha and CFO very well!

    Great work at 9am today! Great to see new faces almost every class I go to now! I feel like the new kid again after a couple weeks off!

    rnd 1 scaled to 8# DB strict
    rnd 2-3 scaled option A

    Shoulder-OH Rx'd 110# 11-12-11

    Thanks for the assistance on pullups Trevor and look for some pics on twitter/fb of 9am fitters, got some good ones today!
  5. Jen Allison Says:
  6. Blair is the best! She's always a bright addition to 6am and I always enjoy our talks in the locker room after class. Too much info?!

    Fun workout - I'm not sure exactly how it ended up..but...maybe this..(?)

    Round 1: RX
    Round 2: 15# DB, then 10# DB, then strict PU
    Round 3: Some kind of strict/kip combo

    15 reps for Shoulder to Overhead Rx

    Great morning for a 6am workout!
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. Today was the first day I used a RX weight in a workout. Thanks Gina for the extra push to make it happen. And thanks for the help on the strict pull-ups.

    I did scaled option A for the pull-ups and 109 for the shoulder to overhead. I didn't put up huge numbers, 5-5-5. I could have done one more on round 3, but I hit my goal of 5 each round.

    I'm loving all the updates from Cali! Keep 'em coming! TABATA style studying: 20 min. study/10 min Games updates. So proud to be a part of CFO and I'm screaming for Stacie and Kyle!!
  9. paul Says:
  10. Scaled today: 132 for jerks (got 37 reps). mostly 25# DB for weighted pullups, but in rds 2 and 3, I did the first set with 25s, the 2nd with 20s, and the 3rd with 15s.
  11. Steve Says:
  12. Teamed up with Mike Rock-
    First round pull ups rx'd
    Second round dropped to 40 lb
    Third round dropped to 35 lb

    154 for jerks-
    7, 8, 10
  13. Mac Gills Says:
  14. Did this WOD today on the rest day.

    Great strength WOD. Heart rate stayed lowed but felt destroyed in my arms. Did some ring dips and HSPU after.

    Big fan of Blair. Always in a great mood.

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