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For time:
Run 3200 meters
300 Burpees - Wall Balls - DB Walking Lunges - Double Unders

You will have to try and cover 2 miles of running wrapped around 300 reps of the following movements: Burpees, Wall Balls (20#/14#), DB Walking Lunges (50#/35#), and Double Unders.

Here's the catch, you have to start with running but end with movements. Each time you run it can be no more than 600 meters or no less than 200 meters before having to complete movement reps.

With the movements, you cannot do less than 8 reps but can do as many as you like so long as whichever rep count you choose each time (can vary), you do for each movement. For example, if you choose to do 20 double unders, you must also do 20 Burpees, 20 Wall Balls, and 20 DB Walking Lunges. Movements can be completed in any order.

Remember, the workout starts with a run but cannot end with one and the reps are 300 in total (not 300 of each movement).

There is a 20 minute cap to this workout.

Score is fastest time. If you do not complete this workout in the allotted time, your score will be total reps amassed. Each 100 meters accumulated is equal to 1 rep (32 reps in total).

Post score to comments/Logwod.

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14 Responses to "Tuesday 120710"

  1. bluejayRN Says:
  2. My brain hurts just trying to strategize (is that even a word, Addi?) this one...


    By the way, these shirts are perfect! Thank you!
  3. Addi Says:
  4. It is, indeed, a word. :)
  5. Addi Says:
  6. Adam S nailed the strategy this morning. I won't spoil the fun by leaking it, but he put up a monster number. Top score of the day so far!
  7. pmohs Says:
  8. I'm so confused...
  9. Elizabeth Freshman Says:
  10. Great workout today, I got through 3ish rounds. Thanks to all the 6 am peeps for the encouragement! See everyone in the am!
  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Amanda said, "if you are going for reps, do this" So I did.

    200m run then 25 reps of each. 3 rounds. I got thru all the reps but 13 Wallballs and did 3(200m) runs.

    293 reps.
  13. paul Says:
  14. whew. i didn't approach this the right way.

    did 200s and 300s, and sets of 11 and 8 reps. 190-something reps total.

    the good part is that I didn't rest much...pretty much kept moving for 20 min. it hurt today.
  15. Tovar Says:
  16. For those of you who couldn't figure it out this workout was indeed mathematically possible but far from physically possible to finish in the time allowed. I gave it a hell of a go and failed miserably.

    I tried the following:
    600 meters / 15
    600 meters / 14
    600 meters / 13
    500 meters / 12
    500 meters / 11
    400 meters / 10

    I was 7 lunges short of finishing the round of 500 & 12 for a total of 232 reps. I was hurting pretty bad too.

    The other option was to do 600/600/600/600/600/200 on the runs which wouldn't have made a difference b/c I wasn't even close.
  17. Steve Says:
  18. One of the long time Crossfitters, Ben Mason, is leaving us next week. Join us for his last Taco ride this Thursday, leaving the trailhead at 5:30.

    What do you need?
    A bike
    Light (we'll be riding back in the dark)
    $1 for trail fee
    Money for food/drinks in Mineola
    Water and/or beverage for a mid-ride break

    Trail is just about 20 miles round trip, with dinner and drinks in Mineola.

    Any questions, or if you need directions, let me know. If I missed anyone on the invite list, please pass this along.
  19. Tovar Says:
  20. And CFO Nation don't forget to say a quick prayer for our Stacie and Kyle as they'll be taking on one hell of a beast bright and early tomorrow morning. Please send all your positive vibes their way!
  21. Troy Says:
  22. I decided to do this workout the way I would have if I was trying to finish it and not just get points. So I ran 400m and did 10 reps per round and just finished 4 rounds about 5 seconds before the cutoff.

    So I did just over half of the workout getting 176 points for 160 reps and 1600m of running.
  23. pmohs Says:
  24. Dustin why are you trying to sound smart up there? I think that was directed towards me! Yeah, the math worked, but within the time constraints it did not. I simply used math to figure out that it could not be done in the alotted time.
  25. pmohs Says:
  26. And go Stacie and Kyle, you are my heros!
  27. Gdawg Says:
  28. 257 reps RX'd

    did 200 runs and 20 reps burpees-lunges-du's-wall ball

    i didn't know you could switch the order of the movements so when I had 1 min left I should have got in du's instead of starting with burpees again...oh well...still happy with that number! great work 6:30!

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