Saturday 120721

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Open Gym - All Classes

Pilates is offered at 8am today and at 12pm on Sundays. Please sign up on Mind Body.

A proof of one of the new hats. We only ordered 12 of these and 12 of the black on black flat bills. Our head sleeves and lacrosse balls should be in shortly as well.

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  1. paul Says:
  2. Did some bench press with Steve.

    5-13-10-7-5 at 174#. (weird reps, I know...I did 3 sets of max reps flanked by sets of 5)

    Then some full cleans and split jerks. 5 reps at 198 and about 8 at 176. The jerks were kind of ugly, but I was hoping the relatively high weight would help me learn to get under the bar (out of necessity).

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