Monday 120723

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Five rounds, each for max load, of:
1 Snatch
5 Clean & Jerks
12 Dead-lifts

Complete each set on a 6 minute clock. After a thorough warm up and skill session of each movement, increase load each set. Both the snatch and cleans must be squat variations and the jerks, split jerks. The dead-lifts must be touch and go and unbroken. The goal is to not miss a single rep.

Post weights from each set to comments/Logwod.


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7 Responses to "Monday 120723"

  1. Blair Tice Says:
  2. 92# was my weight for the last round.

    Great work 6am!
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. Good working with you today, Jeff!

    Worked up to 120# and had to drop into the squat snatch from a power snatch. Just like the golf swing, gotta keep working on it. If I get that down the weight could get a lot heavier, I think.

    Great 6am class today!

  5. paul Says:
  6. 103-120-137-147-154

    Felt good. Over-committed to the snatches on the last two sets, and accidentally power snatched.

    Great work by all at 9am!
  7. Joe W Says:
  8. Love this sign. I have the greatest job in the world, and would never want to do anything else, but if I had to choose another profession, it would be giving spankings to the parents who make signs like this necessary.
  9. Tovar Says:
  10. Attention my CFO people... We have officially set a date for Kyle and Stacie's celebration party!!! It will take place on Friday night, August 3rd at Charlie’s on the Lake. This is your chance to cheers and toast CFO’s very own 3rd Fittest Male and 12th Fittest Female on Earth for their amazing accomplishments! Ricky will be releasing more details tomorrow and we'd love to see you all there. Thanks!
  11. bluejayRN Says:
  12. 79# "squat" snatch. When squat and snatch are paired together, my brain shuts down. I need to spend a rest day working on snatch, like maybe this Thursday...

    I feel like I'm strong enough to go heavier, but not at the expense of crappy technique. I think I'm not getting under it fast enough and maybe being too shy with the jump "shrug."

    August 3rd sounds great! I love hanging with the Fittest People on Earth!
  13. bluejayRN Says:
  14. Nice snatch Blair:) Not to mention your diligence on being the first to log your WOD on the blog.

    Way to represent Team OTC!

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