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Rest Day

Rest day emphasis: Jerk (push or split, no rack)

From now on, for those of us that want to come in on a rest day but sometimes feel like there's just not enough direction as what to do or sometimes feeling overwhelmed by everything we need to improve upon, I'll issue a rest day emphasis.

You can make-up a workout or create your own conditioning, but now, at least, you know, coming into the gym, what you'll do first. This way, us coaches can prepare for everyone who will come in wanting to practice the rest day emphasis. We'll still help you with everything else but you can be sure that the emphasis will rear it's head in an upcoming workout (not Friday though).

By the way, tomorrow's Pilates class will be held during the 6:30pm class. If 6:30pm is the only class you can workout and would prefer not to participate in Pilates, the weather's nice outside so still consider coming.

Check out the info-graphic below: It could save your life!

Lack of Sleep Infographic

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4 Responses to "Thursday 120614"

  1. Sherv Says:
  2. Worked on muscle ups this morning. Felt good, but still lose my false grip after each rep. Can't get consecutive reps

    Then did 5 rounds of 5 pushjerk (132#), 10 bar-facing burpees, 15 situps. 10:52.

    Good to see a strong Thursday turnout.

  3. Addi Says:
  4. Worked on split jerk at noon. No real rep scheme or plan - just wanted to work on technique. Focused on getting full extension and speed under the bar. Things felt pretty good, as long as I only split left foot forward. Right foot forward is shaky in the landing. Worked up to a couple singles at 154#.
  5. bluejayRN Says:
  6. I RM Deadlift 252, PR by 9#.

    Then did Tuesday's row/run/SDHP WOD. I was 10 HP shy of finishing. My running is sluggish lately.

    I like the emphasis on rest day plan. Good way to direct the focus, yet allows freedom to do what you want.
  7. Gdawg Says:
  8. worked on my back squats again. I'm on my 3rd cycle of the strength WODS. Trying to get to that 200lb backsquat that I should have had for years already! had a big mental block on back squats for a long time and I'm excited about the confidence/progress i'm making with them!

    Pilates was also great, besides the dirt/sandstorm about half way through. learned some fun new things to work on at home, we had a small but mighty class! Thanks Carrie!

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