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Rest Day

An all important question. For starters, we last overhead squatted a couple of weeks ago and before that it was much longer yet today, we had many who set personal records, including myself. I would like to have, in one place, all that bested their previous personal record for overhead squat and by how much (whether by one pound or 30).

In the comments section, if you read the blog, even if you've never posted before (don't know why you wouldn't), please consider posting your new OH Squat record this one time. Let us all know how awesome you did. This goes for pull ups too as I do know that Hira Ahmad got her first strict pull up today.

Congrats to you all. It truly was a kick ass day.

Cool ass peeps. Tara's the bestest and Tessa, we'll miss you tons. We wish you the best in Charleston.

If you haven't already done so, please pick up your CFO performance shirt. It's in the gym waiting for you. We don't want you to miss wearing it for the Dash.

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41 Responses to "Thursday 120607"

  1. john Says:
  2. My last OHD Squat PR was 154. Today scored 169 with lots of motivation provided by Bryan Brown.

    Speaking of - he scored a PR and body weight match at 164.

    Great workout Bryan and 6am crew!
  3. Gdawg Says:
  4. way to go John! bad ass!

    as for performance shirts, many of us are planning to wear them after we complete the race since it will be a muddy one. It's a great fresh shirt to change into and show off CFO logo!

    Also, it will be a great shirt to wear during other Omaha events, corporate cup, runs, bikes, whatevs...soooo GET ONE! AND FOR ONLY $4 LAWLORS WILL ADD A NAME/NICKNAME TO THE BACK!

    Have a great rest day everyone!
  5. paul Says:
  6. I looked back at my log and 176 was the heaviest legit OHS I'd gotten until now. 22# PR.
  7. TaraBear Says:
  8. I got 131. I believe that is a PR. Afterwards I said to Megan, "Should have gone heavier." Oh, well something to aspire to for next time. LOVE ME SOME OHS!
  9. Abby Banks Says:
  10. I couldn't find my last OHS weight from the time before last, but the last weight I remember was only 87! Definitely nothing more than greens. I easily got #110 today. Totally could've had 120 but went down too fast. Next time!
  11. Lauren F. Says:
  12. PR'd yesterday at 109#. Thats 10# more than last time for me! :) Great job everyone!!!
  13. Dane Says:
  14. I PR'd yesterday at 164# which bested my previous PR by 22#. My last set felt really good and I felt like I probalby could have got 10# time! Great work everyone!
  15. bluejayRN Says:
  16. No OHS PR for me as I continue to build strength and confidence in holding loads over my head in that position. Slow, but steady.

    However, today I completed my first handstand push-up!! I'm happy with this milestone. Thanks Amanda for your help and as always great coaching.
  17. bluejayRN Says:
  18. Fabulous job to all who did PR yesterday!! Any amount of a PR is a big accomplishment, especially with the OHS. Congrats CFONation!
  19. markdishaw Says:
  20. I previously had done 113 lbs, but managed 120 lbs yesterday. I know its not as much as some of the other records, but I was happy. It is definitely a difficult movement for those with limited mobility such as myself.
  21. Addi Says:
  22. No PR for me yesterday, as I'm still rebuilding the right shoulder, but definitely the most stable it's felt in an OHS in many months.

    These PRs are unbelievable! It's a strong testament both to the programming and to the hard work people have been putting in. Congrats, everyone! Stabilized midlines like what.

    P.S. Tara, I didn't see you squat yesterday, but I'd be shocked if you didn't have 154# in you, based on what you were doing in strength class a few months ago. Sandbagger. :)
  23. TerraMoyers Says:
  24. I couldn't find my last OHS weight but I think yesterday was a PR for me at 136#.
  25. Paula Says:
  26. I had a 104# OHS which is 2# PR and I definitely could have done more!

    Congrats on all PR's!
  27. Chris Sanders Says:
  28. I have not done a one rep max of OHS, so yesterday set the baseline for me. I got 176# and felt I could of gone higher.
  29. Steve Says:
  30. 189- 10# pr. Although I think 198 is possible.
  31. paul Says:
  32. Now this is what I like...lots of comments for me to read. It's also a bonus when I didn't write all of them.
  33. Erica Says:
  34. Love all the PR's from yesterday!!!! Great job everyone!

    I definitely PR'd at 125# and I felt I could've done 132 if I had one more set. The last OHS I have recorded was the 5's for 109# and before that it had been a long while and definitely much lighter. Loving the heavy OHS's!!
  35. JennG Says:
  36. 102# yesterday, which was a 20# PR from what I could find. Either haven't logged very well-distinct possibility-or my OHS hasn't been very respectable in the past. I know I could have gotten more too. These felt really good.
  37. Stacey Says:
  38. 109# for me. I think this is a PR by at least 15#
  39. Gdawg Says:
  40. i agree Paul!

    and I agree with addi about tara, you were a bad ass at OH during strength don't give yourself enough credit, go for it!

    so great to see everyone posting! make it a daily habbit!
  41. Egan Says:
  42. Previous OHS PR was 180# Yesterday I did 208#. Nice work at the 6:30 class! Thanks Ricky and Jim for your help…Sooner rather than later I will truly use my hamstrings ( :
  43. Troy Says:
  44. I don't seem to have a previous 1RM on overhead squat but my heaviest was 132# for 4 reps, using some fancy calculation that should be about a 150# max, although I never had more than 132# over my head, yesterday I hit 162# and maybe had a little more left.
  45. Tovar Says:
  46. 248# for me. I can't seem to find my previous 1RM either but I know this is a PR. Felt good and I know I had some more in me. I would have loved a couple more attempts at something heavier.
  47. Jennifer Formo Says:
  48. I did a measley 63# OHS. However, that is pretty great considering a month ago I could barely do the bar. I am working my way up!
  49. Gdawg Says:
  50. way to go Jennifer! gotta start somewhere right!? don't stick your nose up at 63#, definitely an improvement to be proud of! Keep workin hard!
  51. Marie Says:
  52. Dustin, it's hard to post this after your amazing PR! Jennifer, I don't think that's measley at all :)
    In addition to being generally not strong, I've always had trouble with OHS. I tried wrist wraps for the first time (thanks Ricky for helping me get them on), and it helped so much. i felt like my puny wrists were not going to snap. So I did 53 lbs, which is a PR for me, no joke. Thanks to Jimmy & Ricky for great coaching, and to my partners Crystal & Angie for encouragement & tips. Love the 6:30 peeps - there is always positive energy at CFO but yesterday had a great vibe...must have been all those PRs throughout the day.
  53. Addi Says:
  54. Those first jumps are the most important, Marie! You can't get to 248 without setting the foundation. You've been working hard for those 53#. Congrats!

    Worked on gymnastics with Megan, Amanda, and Shelley. Bar pullovers and muscleups, ring muscleups. Then some toes to bar and pushups. And, of course, party tricks. Good times.

    The PR mojo transferred to the rings today - new PR for consecutive kipping muscleups= 7. They felt really good today. I think I had one or two more in me, but the bladder was feeling weak, and there were several people in the "splash zone." Haha. You're welcome, friends. The sacrifices I make for your hygiene. Would love to get to 10 next time.
  55. Shelley Says:
  56. Congrats on all the PR's!!!

    No PR for me (146# is my PR) though 141# felt great. From a confidence standpoint, I have no doubt I have over 150# in me and should have done an extra set. Yesterday I felt solid/stable and that's not normally the case on heavier OHS.

    8 strict pullups unbroken matches my PR which is what I did in the first set yesterday.

    Worked muscleups at noon today. My confidence is a lot higher with these even though I've yet to get one. I feel like it's right there for me (just need to unleash the beast) :)

    Thanks for tips from others today!
  57. Shelley Says:
  58. Regarding Warrior Dash on Saturday:

    Apparently they're charging $20 per car for parking. If some of you want to carpool from my house (near 156th and Harrison), we plan to meet at 8:30 for those on a 10:00 start. I've got room for 5 people and plan on sticking around awhile afterwards.
  59. TaraBear Says:
  60. Thanks Addi and Megan. I feel like I need to make a new t-shirt. I will give you a hint it will have something to do with OHS. Thats all.
  61. Gdawg Says:
  62. I plan on meeting at Shelley's house w/my two bros and I know Jenn Grass is too.

    if others would still like to meet up there and caravan out, let us know!

    looking forward to warrior dash festivities!
  63. Paula Says:
  64. Shelley, Tara and I will meet you all there too and caravan out. Can't wait!
  65. Tovar Says:
  66. Just found my previous 1RM and it was 230#. Very happy with the 18lb jump. Can't wait to max out OH Squats again in the future.

    And congrats to all the other PR's!
  67. svioli Says:
  68. Last I recorded it - my 1RM was 82#. Both Sherry and I got PR's at 114#!!!!

    LOVE the CFO Community and I'll do my best to contribute a bit more!
  69. Mike M Says:
  70. I think my last was 132 about a year ago, I finished at 154# and I felt like I could have kept going up
  71. Amanda Says:
  72. I can't remember the most I've ever done, but I did 154# yesterday. I'm pretty sure I've never gotten reds before. I'd say it's a PR.

    GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Pretty awesome.
  73. Paula Says:
  74. Holy crap...made up tuesdays wod!! I haven't been that close to puking in a long time. I was nauseated, light headed and chills the last 2 rounds. My scaling went as the follows; my first rd was the 2nd rd (600m run rd, 25KB ,15 WB, 4 Kipping PU/4 PU and the 2nd rd was the 3rd(400m, 20,10,3/3) ) and my 3rd rd was the 4th (200m,15,5,3/3)) and then did for the 4th rd did 100m, 10KB, 5 WB, and 1/1) .

    Did this with Andrew, Dan, and Lauren. Great job you guys!! Couldn't have made it through with out you all!

    Thanks Andrew for the recovery run/walk idea. Need to do that more often.

    It is so nice to see all the posts. Let's keep it up!!!

    Again a huge congrats on the PR's!!!!
  75. Paula Says:
  76. Forgot to post total reps- 125
  77. Josh Says:
  78. Not sure what my pr would of been before never done OHS with 1 rep max but finished at 186# which is def a PR and still felt good at the end, wish we had more time to keep going!
  79. Addi Says:
  80. You were SO CLOSE, Shelley. I thought you had a couple of those! Any day now... :) Once you get it, you'll be unstoppable.
  81. john kinney Says:
  82. I was in a 10-hour mediation yesterday so did not have a chance to post anything. Overhead squats used to be considered "death from above" by me. They were very painful and uncomfortable for my shoulders. Since we started doing mobility work several months ago, CrossFit has really changed for me (thank you guys). I PR'd OH squats by 27# this week at 139#. That increase is all due to mobility.

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