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Bench Press 5-5-5 reps

After a thorough warm-up complete 3 sets of 5 reps using the same weight for all sets. Use a 3 minute clock. Compare to 120127.


On an 6.5 minute clock, complete 1 round, resting with whatever time remains
5 DB Hang Split Snatch, w/ right arm (left leg forward)
Right Arm Overhead Walking Lunge w/ DB, 10 steps
5 DB Hang Split Snatch, w/ left arm (right leg forward)
Left Arm Overhead Walking Lunge w/ DB, 10 steps
40 Double Unders

Repeat for 3 cycles.

Use 50#/35# dumbbells. The entire time you are snatching/lunging, a dumbbell in each hand is required. The goal is to complete the round without ever placing the bells on the ground, until you reach double unders.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

WOD Demo with Doug Scalia (single cycle).

Here is a listing of Wednesday's Overhead Squat PR's. I know there are more but this is what we got. A huge congratulations to the whole gym. The atmosphere was electric all day.

Paula Miller 104# - 2# PR
Jen Shannon 140# - PR
Paul Audi 198# - 22# PR
Jake Hinkle 220# - PR
Lauren Fukuda 109# - 10# PR
Jenn Grass 102# - 20# PR
Steve Filips 189# - 10# PR
Marty Sampson 44# - Heels stayed down PR
Danny Pelster 220# - 20# PR
Sherrie Brownfield 114# - 15# PR
Peter Nordlund 230# - 30# PR
John Calhoun 169# - 15# PR
Bryan Brown 164# - PR (body-weight)
Amanda Brei 154# - PR
Mike Misner 154# - 22# PR
Sue Violi 114# - 32# PR
Marie Huston 53# - PR
Jennifer Formo 63# - 29# PR
Dustin Tovar 248# - 18# PR
Troy Rand 162# - 12# PR
Tara Doughty 131# - PR
Abby Banks 110# - 23# PR
Dane Larsen 164# - 22# PR
Kristina Nash - First Handstand Push up
Mike Rooks - First Handstand Push up
Hira Ahmad - First Strict Pull up
Mark Dishaw 120# - 7# PR
Terra Moyers 136# - PR
Erica Carlsson 125# - PR
Stacey Sigmon 109# - 15# PR
Egan Gyldenege 208# - 28# PR

If I left anyone off, please add yourself to the comments. AMAZING! BADASS!

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7 Responses to "Friday 120608"

  1. Abby Banks Says:
  2. Wow! This is amazing.
  3. Bob Sidzyik Says:
  4. 218# PR
  5. paul Says:
  6. 208# for bench, but it bothered my shoulder and I only got 2 reps in the last set. (i thought moving my hands in might help, but I think it made it worse.)

    40# DBs for the metcon. That was hard.
  7. Jen Says:
  8. 137 for bench. I missed the last 1 on the last set. My upper body is fried from this week.

    35# for the snatch and then had to swith to 25# for my left handed OH lunges. My right side felt great.

    Have fun at the Warrior Dash this weekend!
  9. Addi Says:
  10. #addilovesbenchpressday

    132 for bench
    Shoulder has been uncomfortable all day, so I was pleased with how good this felt. Probably had 5-10# more in me, but it would have been dicey on the right arm. This felt just right for today.

    1:50 - 1:44 - 1:38 splits on the metcon. I was trying to keep up with Ricky out of the corner of my eye, but that 2nd set of lunges each cycle killed me. I thought I was ahead of him on the 3rd cycle, but it turns out he switched to the 70#. Always ruining my fun. :)

    Nice work, noon!
  11. Rooks Says:
  12. 210 for bench got 4 out if 5 on last set. Used 30s and 35s for the metcon.
    Good Luck fellow Warriors who are running the dash this weekend!
  13. Lauren F. Says:
  14. 88# for bench. Thought I'd be able to do 93 for the last set, but only got 4 out of 5. Lesson learned!

    Used 20# DB's for the metcon, which felt great for the snatches and heavy for the lunges. Broke up the DU's into sets of 10, which felt just right. Times were 3:00, 3:01, 3:16. Great job 5:30!!

    PS. Addi, I'm officially on the bone broth bandwagon :)

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