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High Hang Squat Snatch 2-2-2-1-1-1-1 reps

After a thorough warm-up, complete 3 sets of 2 reps and 4 sets of 1 rep, all on a 2 minute clock. Each rep, the bar may not pass below mid-thigh and must be caught in a full squat. If mobility or mechanics are an issue, stay light and force good movement.


Three rounds for total time of:
20 KB Sumo Dead-lift High Pull, 2/1.5 pood
Run 200 meters carrying 2/1.5 pood kettlebell
20 Kettlebell (upside down) Goblet Squats, 2/1.5 pood
Rest 60 seconds

When running with the kettlebell, it must be carried above the waist the entire time. For goblet squats, hold the kettlebell upside down.

If you cannot use the prescribed kettlebell weights, you will tack on 20 burpees for each weight under the prescribed weight. Perform these at the end of the workout, on your own.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.


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8 Responses to "Monday 120625"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Oh man--I hate to miss this day!!

    Also, these Oly lifters are unbelievable. They make it look like nothing.
  3. Steve Says:
  4. 147 on snatch... I'm sure I can do 154.

    14:41 rx'd.
  5. Troy Says:
  6. 120# hang snatch

    DNF on the workout, I went with prescribed weight but did 11 high pulls the first round before I found out they had to touch the ground, so 11 kb swings and 20 high pulls the first round but I was 14 reps short of finishing the workout.
  7. Rooks Says:
  8. 110 on snatch, still working on form.

    13:30 rx'd that was a fun workout! Never used a 2 pood kb before and first time for the sumo deadlift.
  9. JennG Says:
  10. Worked out at Cain Athletics tonight in North Platte...newly affliated just this month!

    We did back squats (which I used 132#):
    Then pause squats (64#)
    Coach here tells me to stay on my's almost like I've heard this before....weird.

    Then 4 rounds for time of :
    12 (each leg) backward lunges with 20 med ball
    12 hand release push ups
    12 pause squats with empty bar
    12 dips
    Completed in 14:20
  11. Lauren F. Says:
  12. 92# for snatch. I hit this once, but couldn't get it up again for the last set. Need to work on not 'humping the bar.' my first bunch of sets felt good, but this seems to get worse as I get tired. Hmph. Nevertheless, I'm gonna call 92# a PR since the last weight I can remember for a full snatch is 77 I think.

    DNF for the metcon with the rx'd weight. Finished my last set of SDLHPs when the 16:00 ran out. Great job 4:30!!
  13. Paula Says:
  14. 78# - on the snatch. These felt pretty good. Last set was ugly as I stumbled a bit as I stood up.

    Metcon...Holy hell. These was rough. It seem to be a lot of these lately. Its been all good though. Thats why we CrossFit. I went Rx'd- YEAH!! Not very often I can say that. But then I DNF- had 10 squats left.

    Nice work 6:30!! Congrats on surviving your 1st class, Jess! And a big welcome to Tiffany from Front Range! Great job ladies!
  15. Dane Says:
  16. 152# on hang squat snatch. 15:46 Rx'd on the metcon. That was rough but it was great!

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