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Bulgarian Split Squats (front rack position)

After a thorough warm-up including both empty barbell and weighted sets, perform 4 working sets of 6 reps each leg, sets across. You have about a 10# window upon which you can move up but anything higher than that and it becomes your first set and you must complete 3 more sets with that new weight. Four minute clock. Compare to 120125.


As many reps/rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
Run 100 meters
8 Single Arm DB Thrusters, 50#/35#

Rest 2 minutes.

As many reps/rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
25 Double Unders
12M/8F Hand Release Push ups

Rest 2 minutes.

As many reps/rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
15 Air Squats
8M/4F Pull ups

For single arm db thrusters, run, do all 8 with one arm, run, do all 8 with other arm, and so on.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

The Dos Equis & Double Under crew. What a fun night? For those that were there, what will you remember most?

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16 Responses to "Wednesday 120509"

  1. Keva Says:
  2. Today I did 38# for the split squats. Same as last time.

    The first AMRAP I did 4 rounds + 6 thrusters (20#)

    The second AMRAP I did 6 rounds (scaled the DUs w/ lateral jumps and did push-ups from knees)

    The third AMRAP I did 6 rounds + 10 air squats (scaled the PUs with jumping)
  3. Mark Says:
  4. Tough day today and props to all that come in for this one. My legs were fried from the Bulgarian Split Squats (BS squats as I call them).

    I did:
    98# for all sets of BS Squats
    5 rounds plus the run on the first AMRAP
    5 rounds plus 5 pushup on the second AMRAP
    6 round for the last AMRAP

    The real question is will I be able to walk normal tomorrow?
  5. paul Says:
  6. Brutal day! Nice work by the 9am crew! Great work on the BS squats, Sean and Kirk!

    Split squats: 93, 98, 98, 108

    6 rds rx'ed of sprint/thruster
    5 rds rx'ed of DU/pushup
    6 rds rx'ed of squat/pullup

    I finished about 25s early each time, and took the extra rest.
  7. Jen Says:
  8. Did 85# for split squats (3lbs up from last time) My left leg is so much weaker!

    5rnds plus a run.

    5rnds plus DUs and 2 PUs

    9 rnds plus 5 air squats

    Walking will be entertaining tomorrow. MWOD, MWOD, MWOD!!
  9. Tovar Says:
  10. CFO Community,
    For the next three days you can help support our very own Games Athlete, Stacie Tovar, with the purchase of a PurePharma t-shirt!! A portion of the proceeds from today, tomorrow, and Friday's t-shirt sales will be donated to Stacie's 2012 CrossFit journey. Be sure to swing by their website and show your support. I would also like to mention that their fish oil is pretty amazing too. Thanks!
  11. Tovar Says:
  12. As far as the Dos Equis and Double Under event goes, I will remember by teammate Pat "I can't chug beer fast b/c it makes my belly too full and then i can't burp" SlowMohs puking twice. Not just once, but twice. Ha! Gross!
  13. Mac Gills Says:
  14. This was brutal. My hat's off to Danny for keeping me working.

    Afterward I saw with a blank stare at the ground until I regained my mental state.

    Nice work 5am. Setting the bar high as always!
  15. Steve Says:
  16. I am wiped after these last 3 days- maybe yesterday's rowing has something to do with this.

    98 for squats (down from my previous at 110).

    Round rx'd:
    5 1/2
  17. Shelley Says:
  18. 93, 98, 98 for BS Squats (our class did 3 sets instead of 4 sets); had done 88# last time we did this. Like Jen, my left leg is weaker. I did the last set starting with my left leg (mentally I thought it would be easier, and it was)

    7 rounds Rx'd for run/thrusters with :12 left over (I like thrusters :))

    6 rounds Rx'd for DU's and pushups (I did let my quads touch floor except for last 2 rounds so those last 2 rounds were a lot tougher)I didn't realize quads couldn't touch until I was called on it. I had :03 left over.

    10 rounds Rx'd for air squats/pullups. Pullups felt solid/smooth. I also like air squats (the pain from BS squats hadn't set in yet). I had :03 left over.

    Good work 4:30!! Way to work BS squats Ellen and Kristina (my training partners for the day)
  19. Shelley Says:
  20. Oops. I did 98 last time too (that was in back rack position as opposed to front rack this time.
  21. bluejayRN Says:
  22. Huge PR for me on the split squat. I did 69# last time and 88# this time. My left leg is WEAK compared to my right.

    I did not write down my rounds for the CWOD, but I remember it being BRUTAL. I did thrusters with 30# DB. Push-ups sucked. I need to focus on getting these stronger or I won't hit my New Year's Goal. Pull-ups felt good. I thought at the beginning I was going to have to scale the reps, but I did not! Yeah!!

    What will I remember most from DE and DU?...Carrie Adams rocking her DU's! Way to go lady! Oh, and having to remind Mr. Tovar to drink after his du's Stinker wanted to run around with his flag and slack on the drinking!

    Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow! Nice work 430! Way to get after it Shelley and Ellen!
  23. bluejayRN Says:
  24. Tovar: is there anything we need to do when checking out to acknowledge we are supporting Stacie?
  25. Blair Tice Says:
  26. 75# for split squats. Next time I need to go up in weight

    5 rounds 35# db

    Felt like a baby deer today on the 100m after those split squats. It wasn't pretty!

    Great work 9am!
  27. Lauren F. Says:
  28. 53# for the squats. First time doing these, but they felt pretty good. Right leg had no problem, left leg was a different story!

    5 rounds (25# db for thrusters)
    4 rounds plus 25 DU's (scaled pu's to toes going down, knees coming up)
    6 rounds plus 15 squats (did jumping pullups x 8 each round)

    Great job 4:30 peeps! Nice meeting you in person Steve! :)
  29. Gdawg Says:
  30. today was ROUGH! 65# for split squats, left leg is pretty weak which is weird because my right knee is the one with all the issues. anywho, thanks to encouragement & tips from Jen and Blair I finished!

    5 rounds & 5 thrusters
    4 rounds & 16 Du's
    6 rounds & 1 pullup


    as for DE/DU's event, my favorite memory was how increadible the community energy/atmosphere was all night! From the second ppl showed up everyone was gettin silly with pictures and pre-gaming.

    Then during the event people were encouraging/laughing, Joe Leggett w/his shirt tied was another highlight, Andrew & his brother's outfits, Tovar running with the flag, everyone cheering on Shelley at the end, etc. Also the love and support for Jenn Grass, very heartwarming moment.

    Another favorite memory was getting to Fernandos and Damian making sure he called me out to let me know they had flour chips :-) kids don't miss anything!

    And then ending the night with Lauren, Stacey, Jason, and Courtney in Dundee at the Underwood Bar. Longest stink and drink of my life, pretty disgusting but it was a blast. We ran into other xfitters & I think they were a little jealous of our gym's event :-) We are one of kind ppl! LOVE IT!
  31. Tovar Says:
  32. @bluejayRN
    Kristina, you do not need to do anything when you check out. Simply put, all proceeds from t-shirt sales yesterday, today, and tomorrow will go towards helping Stacie on her quest for the 2012 CrossFit Games. Thanks a bunch in advance for your support!

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