Tuesday 120508

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For fastest total time:
Row 400 meters
Rest 20 seconds
Row 300 meters
Rest 15 seconds
Row 200 meters
Rest 10 seconds
Row 100 meters

Stay on the rower during your rest periods. Prescribed is 3:30M/3:45F minus the rest periods. If you choose to go prescribed and do not hit 3:30/3:45, you are assessed a penalty. The penalty is 1 burpee for every second over 3:30/3:45. Rest at least 5-7 minutes. Repeat once more.

Scale #1 - 3:40M/3:55F x 3 rows - penalty is 3 burpees for every second over
Scale #2 - 3:50M/4:05F x 4 rows - penalty is 5 burpees for every second over
Scale #3 - 4:00M/4:15F x 5 rows - penalty is 7 burpees for every second over

Pick your poison and rock it!

Post times to comments/Logwod.

The gym is ordering some custom strength wraps for the gym store. These little suckers are amazing. I have always used tape to support my wrists and keep them healthy but after seeing some lying around the gym this last week, I decided to try them out and I haven't used tape since. They're not even mine but I can't stop using them.

 These four colors along with an all black version will be available within the next week and a half, I believe and they will all sport the CFO logo in place of where you see the Strength Wraps logo. You'll definitely want to get your hands on these.

 Stay tuned as we add more items to the store such as CFO water bottles, tanks, socks, and much more.

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11 Responses to "Tuesday 120508"

  1. Shane Says:
  2. Is "sadistic" too strong a word for this wod? Would "cruel" be more appropriate?
  3. Shane Says:
  4. Is "sadistic" too strong a word for this wod? Would "cruel" be more appropriate?
  5. JennG Says:
  6. What?!?! I can't WAIT to do this one!
  7. Shane Says:
  8. Is "sadistic" too strong a word for this wod? Would "cruel" be more appropriate?
  9. Abby Banks Says:
  10. I think Shane really wants to get his point across ;)

    This one was rough, but I am so glad I didn't scale. First time was 3:54, second was 3:55 so I had 19 burpees. I'm happy I was able to have consistent times because I felt like death the second time around. My hamstrings were on fire. Good stuff though. Happy rowing!
  11. Jen Says:
  12. Happy and rowing don't go together. :)

    4:01 and 4:03 with 34 beloved burpees.

    Row, row, row your boat! Enjoy.
  13. paul Says:
  14. Nice work, noon class and a special shout-out to Amanda!

    3:20 and 3:23, so no burpees for me. Tried to keep a pretty even pace throughout, just under a 1:40 500m pace. I think my form is improving on this, but it's still a work in progress (like everything we do).
  15. Shane Says:
  16. 3:28 and 3:37, so 7 burpees. Should have pushed just a little harder on the last 300 and 200. The hurt is very intense but pretty short-lived. Mean workout.
  17. Lauren F. Says:
  18. Frustrating day. Got 3:38 for the first round and was pretty stoked about it...then a big fat DNF on the 2nd round due to my left butt cheek cramping up 200m in. On the bright side, until I about fell off the rower like a dead fish, my pulls were feeling pretty strong and now I'm definitely motivated (maybe even excited?) to give it another whirl on Thursday. :)

    Great job 5:30 folks!
  19. Shelley Says:
  20. 3:41 and 3:34 for rows

    Great job Jenn and Marie!!! I might have invaded Marie's "personal space", but I was trying to make sure she continued to kick ass on the rower so I was in her face :)

    Good work 6:30!!
  21. JennG Says:
  22. 3:47 & 3:43 for rows. Did 2 burpees.

    Really appreciated Shelley's motivation! Kept me pushing (or pulling). I really like rowing.

    Nice work, Marie & Shelly!

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