Thursday 120517

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Rest Day

Reminder, tomorrow is Warrior Dash Friday. Come prepared for a crack of the whip.

No matter the outcome, we plan on making a name for ourselves this weekend. We've prepared the right way this year and we are so capable of destrominating. Thank you all so much for your support. We've done our homework and now we must turn it in.

Individual Male: Kyle Kasperbauer
Individual Females: Stacie Tovar and Libby DiBiase
TeamCFO: Jon Pingel, Dustin Tovar, Ricky Frausto, Megan McNamara, Rebecca Oberle, Addi Kahrs (and Shelley Buchholz)

Philippians 4:13 - There is nothing I cannot do in the One who strengthens me!

Follow along on Twitter at: @WomenofCFO and @CFGNorCenRegion

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9 Responses to "Thursday 120517"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Get after it guys and gals! I know you'll make us proud!
    BTW, where will all the CFOers staying local be watching the show?
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Can't wait to get to Chicago to cheer on CFO athletes!!!

    Made up yesterday's WOD:

    198# 3x5 High Bar BS (did 191# last time); these felt really good

    3:58 Rx'd (189#) on metcon; burpee form is much better, DL's felt light.

    Did press afterwards on a 3.5 minute clock.

    1x5 at 99, 2nd and 3rd sets were 4 reps each; failed to get 5th rep on 2nd set, but I thought I could get it on 3rd and failed on 5th rep again. Last time I did this I did 3x5 at 92# in Feb.
  5. Carrie Adams Says:
  6. Good luck this weekend!!!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Good luck, CFO athletes!!

    Shelley, way to kick some ass on yesterday's!
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. I'm calling you out Gina!

    Gina ran a mile nonstop this a.m. and I have to find out about it on Facebook!!!

    Great job girl!!!

    Thanks Paul.
  11. paul Says:
  12. Hells yeah, Gina!
  13. Natalie Says:
  14. Iron sharpens iron. Good luck guys!!
  15. Marie Says:
  16. Good luck to one and all! We'll be following and cheering for you. It's so inspiring to be trained by and work out with such awesome athletes!!

    Shelley, way to go on yesterday's WOD - you killed it
  17. Addi Says:
  18. Nice job, Gina!!

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