Wednesday 120425

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Strict Toes 2 Bar x 5-10 x 4 sets

Focus on completely momentum-devoid toes 2 bar. Try for increasing body awareness and correct activation of the right musculature in the correct order. If you cannot achieve strict toes 2 bar, try for knees to elbows. If you need to keep, do so, but see if you can't control the negative. Do these on a 3 minute clock.


400 Meter Walking Lunge

I'd wear something to cover up those knees. It can get a little sketchy out there.

Post time and number of steps to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 110504.

If you got tight heel cords and I know you do.... I'm talking to all you runners? This is a another great mob to address that issue. You have trouble squatting? Can't keep those heels down or your butt has to go so far back your torso might as well be horizontal? This is for you. Try it out and see what happens.

Test/Retest: Feet together Squat (ass to ankle)

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10 Responses to "Wednesday 120425"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 10 TTBs/rd. Felt pretty good. Got tough by the end.

    13:35 for the lunges (I counted 390 steps, but I'm not sure).

    I'm hoping that walking around a lot with my dog today will preserve my ability to walk tomorrow.
  3. paul Says:
  4. Oh, actually 13:25. I earned those damn 10s.
  5. Sherv Says:
  6. 4 sets of 8 on the T2B.

    14:50 for the walking lunges.

    I really like having time left over to stretch and work on mobility after class.

    BTW, I'm breaking concrete to replace my driveway this saturday. If anybody wants some sledgehammer time, I could use the help. :)

  7. Jen Says:
  8. 13:24

    There is nothing good about this workout.

    T2B were good. I really tried to slow down the negative.
  9. lynn Says:
  10. Holy h*ll walking lunges how I haven't missed you since the last time I did this WOD. Better charge up that IPOD to get through the pain!
  11. Abby Banks Says:
  12. Worked on hollowing out on the floor and controlling the negative instead of my pitiful toes 2 bar.

    15:25 for lunges. SO thankful I brought knee pads. I starting hating life around the last 150 meters but was pretty entertained by the sight of all of us looking like oompa loompas on the road. Good times.
  13. paul Says:
  14. oh man, Jen--you got me by 1 second!
  15. bluejayRN Says:
  16. Really felt my lack of sleep this morning. Should have pushed the lunges alot harder than I did.

    Strict toes to bar is tough.

    Looking forward to catching up on a little sleep tonight and tomorrow:)
  17. Shane Says:
  18. Only did 5 T2B/rd, but tried to be as pristine as I could with each one. Slow on the negatives. 12:36 for the lunges, significantly better than last year when we lsat did the death-lunge march.
  19. Gdawg Says:
  20. finished in 17 something. I picked "landmarks" to start with to motivate myself then started shaking legs out after 10 reps. This workout sucked, but I had a great time with 9am class seing ppl pair up, encourage and motivate each other...made the WOD much more enjoyable.

    way to Quadominate the workout today folks!

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