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Rest Day

On Friday, we will be doing a workout that will help with preparing for the Warrior Dash. We're hoping for a big turn out for all classes as this should be fun. You can choose to do the workout on your own or you can pair up with some friends within your class and get it done together (means nothing more than sticking together and finishing together).

The workout will include lots of running, push ups, air squats, maybe some more burpees, scaling some walls, and stuff like that. You won't want to miss.

In addition, (look for email from Jenn Grass) we're doing a Stink n Drink at Don & Millie's on 108th and Center at 7pm after the 5:30pm class. I will tell you, besides the awesome price of .99, I think they have, potentially, the best margaritas in town. They also have 1.49 longnecks for the beer drinkers.

We invite and encourage max participation (whether drinking or not). The best thing about CFO is the community. It makes coming to CrossFit so much more enjoyable when you're around friends. Community events like this one is where it begins. We hope you can make it.

To remind you, their red, yellow, green plates match how much our red, yellow, green plates weigh as well as their use of a ladies' bar and kilogram change plates. The weight class? 58 kilos or 127.6 pounds. Now..... Watch and be inspired.

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9 Responses to "Thursday 120419"

  1. lynn Says:
  2. When I signed up for the Warrior Dash I made sure there was no swimming in lake water with fish poo and now they've added my most feared event. As it warms up I'm going to have to get over my fear of water I can't see through!
  3. JennG Says:
  4. If you aren't getting e-mails from the gym regarding events, please check your spam box & add us to your contacts! We don't want anyone to miss out on the fun stuff we have going on.
  5. Gdawg Says:
  6. Lynn I'll help ya with the swimming part! I usually try to go Sundays :-)
  7. Tovar Says:
  8. Mmmm... Don & Millie's strawberry margaritas! Definitely a post-workout favorite. And who can resist a nice juicy Double Don? Gotta love it!
  9. Steve Says:
  10. Went in a 9am and worked on bar muscle-ups. Thanks to Addi, Eric and Garrett for the pointers.
  11. paul Says:
  12. These Oly lifters are amazing!!

    Worked up to a 274# FS, which is 10# off my PR, but form was faltering, so I called it good. Did a set of 4 at 242 and then a set of 3. Not thrilled with that, but good to move some heavy weight, and to know where I'm at with FS.

    Then every 2 min:
    5 TTB
    7 box jump-overs (24"+red)
    10 DB push press (40s)
    50-55 seconds/rd. Felt good.
  13. bluejayRN Says:
  14. Paul and Kirk were jumping machines tonight. Nice ups guys!

    I made up Tuesday's WOD. I'm sure it was more fun with a class grinding it out next to you, but I got it done. No muscle ups for me...yet. Some day. I did bar dip negatives for about 2 minutes and ring rows for about 2 minutes. I also had to scale the overhead lunges to a trainer. My left shoulder just wasn't having the 1 pd after the KB swings and burpees. Nice good sweat.

    I rounded it all out with 2 500m rows.

    Not sure I can make the stink and drink Friday:( Just depends on how the day shakes out.
  15. Addi Says:
  16. Not just worked on. You got them. Nice work!
  17. Addi Says:
  18. Made up the front squats this morning. PRed by 9# @ 181. I knew I had 186, but was feeling spicy and went for 191. Got hopelessly stuck on the way up. With a little better set-up, I could have maybe gutted it out and made it. Then did my 2 sets with 162 - just got 2 each time. Wire the poor legs out on that last attempt.

    Then played around with my kipping HSPU and a couple other skills. (chinup holds. Oy.) Kips felt strong and fast once I got going.

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