Friday 120420

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Warrior Dash Training

It is encouraged that you team up with some friends in class and work together. Wait for each other and push each other. This is not required but makes the event more enjoyable.

Start inside the gym with 20 pull ups (chest 2 bar for guys), run to 90th and take a right. Follow 90th to J where you will stop and do 40 air squats (all members of your team must finish before taking off again). Finish running along 90th until you reach F street. Here you will complete 30 no push up burpees. Finish running along F street until you reach 87th. Here you will once again do 40 air squats. Take 87th south until you reach J street again and complete 30 push ups (hand release for guys). Finish along 88th until you reach our street (K) and do one final set of 40 air squats.

As you run back towards our building, you will see two walls, one to the right of the paint building and one to the right of Agosta Training Center. Scale both of these at the tallest height. You will then run up our driveway to the back of our building and parking lot and scale the rocks followed by the retaining wall that is behind the electrical union property. From here, return to the gym for time.

Post time and team members to comments/Logwod.

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Reminder: Stink and Drink after 5:30 class. Be there or be square. 

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12 Responses to "Friday 120420"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Good times running with Stephen and Tommy this morning. 26:27. The running actually felt better than I thought it would. Can't believe I'm going to say this, but I had fun in a running WOD! :)
    Nice work 5AM!
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. Teamed up with Troy today and "slow and steady" was a working strategy. We finished together in 23:13, I think. Got some work to do just the same before the Warrior Dash! Awesome to see all the 6am support for everyone involved!
  5. lynn Says:
  6. For those of us who struggle at times to walk and think at the same time will there be signs at each post reminding us of what we need to do?:) If not, I'll resort to writing it in ink on my hand like I did many moons ago.
  7. Marie Says:
  8. I thought I would hate this but I loved it! 29:03. Great weather, great noon class.

    ATTENTION NOONERS!!! I accidentally picked up someone's black CFO jacket. I will bring to Stink n Drink tonight. Sorry to whoever it belongs to!! I was in a post-workout haze.
  9. Jen Says:
  10. This is a first....I actually enjoyed a running workout too. Teamed up with Addi and we finished in 23:47. She makes for a good partner. Thanks lady.

    Enjoy the stink and drink all!
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Had a great time working with you, Jen! Kept me moving on those squats knowing I was always a couple behind. :) thanks for pushing the pace!

    I also realized this afternoon that I had willingly participated in a running/bodyweight workout without whining. I didn't even say "I don't want to do this" before we started. I ALWAYS say that on running/bw days. I don't even know myself anymore...

    Nice work, morning kids! Another fun, big group at 9. And I had a blast hanging out with the 6 am-ers.
  13. bluejayRN Says:
  14. I was intimidated by the walls, but killed them. More walls!!

    It was fun to run and chat with JenA this morning!

    Watch out warrior dash, CFO is coming!!
  15. Rooks Says:
  16. Great workout today! Ran with Eric at 430 I think we made it in 24:19, need a little work before the Dash in June. Keep these workouts coming!
  17. paul Says:
  18. Stink 'n' drink was a blast--great to see some of you folks I don't normally get to see! Look forward to the next one.

    The WOD was pretty fun, in a I-can't-friggin-breathe kind of a way. I'm still coughing. But that's what you get for teaming up with Pat Mohs. I don't think I slowed him down TOO much. 20:18. Steady pain throughout. But I feel like a million bucks now.
  19. pmohs Says:
  20. Paul! Thanks for the compliment! It was nice to see you at an evening class, because I haven't worked out with you on a weekday in months I think! Must be done grading all those final exams! It was awesome to be on your team in a huge 5:30 class. Great work man, as well as everyone else, this was actually pretty fun.
  21. JennG Says:
  22. Teamed with Tara & Paula tonight & then finished up with Chris in our group. 34:43. My elbows & forearms looks like those of a 9 year old, but I made it over all the walls. Great job, Team!!
  23. Paula Says:
  24. 34:43- Teamed up with JennG, Tara and Chris later.
    Just like forearms look pretty nasty. Afterwards I found my finger bleeding all over the place. Don't know how it happened. I never thought I'd say this but I actually had an "OK" time running. Maybe it was the "break" with the squats and pushups? I was freaking out about the walls and was thinking I would need help on all of them and wouldn't you know I did all them on my own. Surprised the crap out of me. All in all had a great time! Great job team!!!

    Stink and drink was a blast. Looking forward to many more!

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