Saturday 120414

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Open Gym - All Classes

If you want to get into an earlier class, sign up now and I'll let up to about 15/16 people in each class. Tomorrow, for the 10:10 class, I will be closing shop right at 10:50 as my little one has a soccer game and I've missed his first two. Thanks for understanding.

Post results to comments.

It begins tonight. We have some of the most talented and wonderful women in all of CrossFit and what better way to pay them homage then with their own Twitter account. I am not in charge of this account but I certainly will be following it. If you are on Twitter, you'll want to follow @WomenofCFO.

Also, a big, huge shout out to two really great people. Laura Feyerherm and Carol Smolsky both got their first strict pull ups today. This is a milestone achievement for a lady and I'm ecstatic for them both. Congratulations.

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5 Responses to "Saturday 120414"

  1. Steve Says:
  2. Did a shortened version of Nancy- just 3 rounds. Then played around with muscle-ups on a bar... something new to learn.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Congrats Laura and Carol!!!

    Worked on muscle ups and T2B today.
  5. BC Says:
  6. Get ready for a Shelley-esque "dear diary" entry, you've been warned.

    Rough week with work, this was only the 2nd time I got to workout all week and it was at CFChrist (aka our garage).

    Not that anyone really cares, but in honor of the NHL playoffs and the Chicago Blackhawks, the greatest sporting franchise in the history of everything, I did Hockey Night in Omaha (my own variation of a workout called Hockey Night in Canada). This is a 10 round amrap where 1 round is :30 of thrusters (65#), :30 of double unders and 2:00 of rest (the original version is wall balls and balls slams but I had to improvise with what equipment I do have). The work-to-rest ratio is meant to simulate on-ice shifts in a hockey game, hence the name. I managed to eek out 100 total thrusters (10 each round) and 334 double unders (highest round 41, lowest round 25). I've done this a couple of times now and really like it, the go all out and then rest twice as long format suits me well and you definitely feel pretty spent when it's all done.

    Congrats on the pull ups ladies! And also a shout out to Jenn Grass-kicker on her new role, can't wait to see what you have planned.
  7. JennG Says:
  8. Thanks, BC!

    I came in yesterday and did Saturday Strength. Loving working with Paula and Mike on this. It's nice to just take some time and work on the technique and get feedback from peers, as well as coaches.

    Great job, guys!
  9. paul Says:
  10. I worked out at CFAudi today.

    225# DL
    KB strict press RH (25#)
    KB strict press LH (25#)


    continuous DL has felt week lately, so I figured this would be back therapy. And the presses were shoulder therapy. it was a very therapeutic affair, by and large.

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