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These will be completed out of the rack. After a thorough warm-up, complete 7 singles on a 2 minute clock. Preferably, I would ask that you not 1RM but rather work up to a heavy single. Do not stay light either and work the technique.


Partner Workout
Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
60 Burpees

Both run the 400 at the same time. After the run, one partner must hold, at the top of a dead-lift (no bent knees), 225#/143# in order for the other partner to complete any burpee reps. If the bar touches the ground for any reason, team members must switch. Bonus points for the least amount of switches.

If you can't use 225#/143#, the only available weights are 198#/131#, 176#/121#, or 154#/99#. Take reps down as opposed to going lower than 154#/99#.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

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12 Responses to "Monday 120423"

  1. Paula Says:
  2. 104#- thrusters.

    Teamed up with Megan Mac on met on! Time was up as we came through the door on our 3rd run...DL-rx'd. Thanks for pushing me, Megan!! We probably could have finished if I wasn't so dang slow on the runs! Ugg!

    It was good to see the smiling faces of 5am! Missed you guys! Nice work y'all!!!!
  3. Blair Tice Says:
  4. 137# for thrusters.

    Was partnered with Jenn for the conditioning. We made it through the 3rd run before time was up. DL rx'd. Love working with Jenn! She is awesome! Need to continue working on my runs.

    Happy Monday!
  5. Jen Says:
  6. 152 for thrusters. Felt pretty solid.

    Finished the 3rd run when time ran out. Holding the DL got a bit tough on the second rnd. Felt it in my grip.

    Nice job Blair!!! Fun teaming up with you. Great job on the thrusters and the burpees. :)
  7. Lauren F. Says:
  8. 99# for thrusters. Partnered with Nicole for the metcon, DL was rx'd. Time expired as we were coming back from the 3rd run. The running felt brutal this morning..need to work on that! Great job 6am!!
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. Was able to get more out of the Thruster than I thought.....probably due to John and Corey pushing me......189# and think I could have done more.

    Corey and I teamed up to get through 8 Burpees in the 3rd Round at Rx'd weight. Holding 225# was tougher than we thought but we were able to get 10-15 reps in per hold. Not bad. 6am Rocks!

  11. Shelley Says:
  12. 141# for thrusters

    Teamed up with Gina and Jen Allison (awesome teammates)for metcon so we did 90 burpees per round.

    Finished 3rd run and 29 burpees at cutoff.

    Great job 6 am.!

    Thanks for the website address Paul!!
  13. paul Says:
  14. 208# thruster.

    Metcon: 14:38 rx'ed with Danny. I think we paced it just right. Nice working with you, bro! Definite sense of accomplishment finishing this one.

    Addi--you were yelling at me about my burpees, right? I tried to clean them up, but I couldn't tell what you were saying because I was half dead.
  15. Jen Allison Says:
  16. 114# for Thrusters

    Great working with Shelley and Gina this morning! The DL holds got hard right around the second time. Fun workout this morning - 6am was killing it
  17. Danny Says:
  18. 220# thruster

    Great teaming up with Paul on the metcon! We set a good pace and played off each other's strengths. Definitely felt great to finish!
  19. Addi Says:
  20. I was yelling at lots of burpees, but not yours. :)
  21. JennG Says:
  22. 114# for thrusters & actually felt like I MIGHT have had a little bit left.

    Did met con with Megan & we finished two full rounds, Rx'd. I NEVER get to say that, so I'm saying it here, even though it was a DNF. Great job 6:30 & thanks to Andrew for forcing some cool-down running.
  23. Stacie Says:
  24. 114, 119, 132, 142, 154, 169, 176 - moved my feet just a tad on the last thruster. Started too light, I had more to go in the tank.

    so close to finishing the WOD! Vanessa was my partner and thank goodness for that because Lord knows I wouldn't have ran that fast had she not been pushing me to do so! Great job Vanessa, I had fun doin werk with ya :)

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