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Full Snatch - Touch & Go

After a thorough warm-up and instruction, complete 3 sets of 5 reps of a full squat snatch where each rep is touch and go. Keep the weight constant across all sets except for a maybe a 10 pound difference between set 1 and 3. Complete on a 1:40 clock.


For time:
Run 400 meters
Six rounds of:
15 Pull ups
Handstand Walks 15 steps
Run 400 meters

The pull ups are chest 2 bar for guys but only chin above for ladies. Men cannot perform butterfly pull ups but are allowed for ladies. Scale handstand walks walking laterally back and forth across a line against a wall and/or handstand holds against a wall.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Please welcome Carrie Adams to the gang. She will be joining the community as a member and as our new Pilates instructor. We are excited to have Carrie help us improve our game even further.

She will be running her first class this Thursday at 5:30pm in place of that time slot's regular open gym. From that point on we will try to rotate between rest day time slots and even look at Saturday mornings and Sundays as well.

 Read a little more about Carrie HERE.

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30 Responses to "Monday 120409"

  1. paul Says:
  2. did 2 sets of snatches with 108 and 1 set with 113. Felt pretty good, but I still need to pull myself under faster and make sure to catch the bar over the middle of my foot and not over my toes.

    Scaled the metcon to 7 strict pullups and 3 walks up the wall. Finished 5 rds and 5 PU.

    Tough on the shoulder--might have to scale back even further for a few weeks.
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. With Demo-Man Paul as my partner pushing me, as always.....did 3 sets of snatches at 98#. My mobility, I think, has me struggling to get to the bottom of the snatch right away so I end up catching and OHS after the catch. Thanks for the great tips Paul......keep the bar in close and get my head back and out of the way.

    Conditioning.....I need more. ;-) Scaled to 10 kipping Pups and 5 wall walks and got 4 plus rounds. So winded the last run was "slower than John C.s golf walk....HAHA, John! ;-)

    Great job 6am!
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. 77# 3x5 snatch Rx'd. Full snatch touch n go felt really good for me. Full snatch is on the bottom of my list for what I like to do lifting wise, but they felt right. Squat felt good and I never felt out of control or that my feet were going all over the place. Ironically, I had exactly the same rest time left over on every set: 1:13. The progressions and Paul's demo were perfect for the skill part of today's WOD.

    Scaled metcon to 10 pullups and 3 lateral handstand walks against wall. I was one lateral walk short of getting all 6 rounds at the cutoff. I thought these were the toughest part. Pullups were mostly broken up 6/4, but round 6 was 4,2,1,1,1,1.

    Good work 6 a.m.!!
  7. Omaha X-Fit Says:
  8. Yoga, pilates, step aerobics...What's next? The watering down of Reebok CrossFit...
  9. Ricky Frausto Says:
  10. Ha, we're okay with who we are. Not even afraid to put it on our blog (who are you?).

    This doesn't take away from who we are and/or CrossFit. It only adds to it. The health of the athlete is of primary importance. Does us no good if an athlete cannot workout here due to injury. Immobility, besides lack of strength, is an alarming trend.

    Anyone else care to respond? Not derogatory but just thoughts on the subject.
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Team Estrogen for the win at 9 am again.

    82# touch & go snatch - weight went up easy, but I wasn't getting a consistent contact point, so I stayed at 82 to try to clean that up a bit.

    12:43 rx'd on the metcon. Tried to work on butterfly, which threw my kip off when I tried to switch back. Also, that's just a lot of pullups. :)
  13. JennG Says:
  14. I'm confused...CFO is doing step aerobics?! This is the first I've heard of that.

    If pilates and yoga are "watering down" Crossfit, then M-wod probably is too. Improving flexibility and body control/awareness is pretty key to gymnastics, which seems central to Crossfit. Sounds like CFO is listening to their clients, as well as their needs. I also wonder if anyone trivializing yoga/pilates has ever done it. It's pretty freaking hard. Just my two uneducated cents.
  15. Jen Says:
  16. 77# for the snatch. 1st and 2nd set were pretty ugly, but things cleaned up significantly on the 3rd set.

    11:16 Rx'd for the metcon. That was A LOT of pullups. 1st rnd did a set of 10 and then 5, but the rest of the rnds I did 5,3,3,2,2

    The HSWs felt good.

    Regarding Mr. Omaha x-fit- I wonder if he (or she) has actually done pilates. It is a killer workout and the perfect thing to incorporate into Crossfit. Body control, body weight movements??? Nothing could be better for an active recovery day.

    Nice job team estrogen.
  17. Carrie Adams Says:
  18. There will always be those who subscribe to myths and misconceptions about alternative training methods such as Pilates or Yoga (which are nothing like Step Aerobics, by the way.) That's familiar terrain for those of us who teach. I'll say that adding Pilates, the functional practice of strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and improve overall health will perfectly compliment CrossFit Omaha's programming. The stretching, strengthening and lengthening of the muscles will improve posture, prevent injury, and enable additional mobility without sacrificing stability. These are all core competencies that are valued in CrossFit and the athletes and participants who want to keep striving for the next level of performance. It's about building durability and work capacity so you can train for life. I look forward to demonstrating that at CFO.
  19. Omaha X-Fit Says:
  20. ...broad time and modal domains. My apologies, pilates fits right in. Along with softball throw and hula hooping. Where's the line CFO? Pole dancing? It certainly is a legitimated fitness program that deserves consideration.
    So the sport of fitness has arrived...Sadly?
    What ever happened to the old days of doing CrossFit?
    Will doing pilates and yoga help me become the 78th "fittest" CF athlete during the games this year? Possibly...There are some in Omaha that appreciate the true roots of CFO, not what it has evolved into.
  21. Allison H :) Says:
  22. all I have to say is WOW to all the above!!

    As for class today... was pretty fun! I have angry bloody blisters over my thumbs from hook grip on last weeks cleans so today even with tape over them snatching hurt! 53# all the way through.

    for the wod went down to 10 pull ups, and 3 wall walks. ran out the door for last 400m run with 30 seconds left... so >15 minutes to finish this. it was a good one though :)

    And I am just so impressed with those who can do the hand stand walks - it's freaking amazing!!! (ie: watching Megan Mc at noon!!!)

    fun times guys! hope to be in for my last noon class tomorrow and back to school :( sad sad sad times!

  23. Ricky Frausto Says:
  24. We can respect your opinion if you will identify yourself otherwise we'll just remove them.
  25. Allison H :) Says:
  26. And I agree with Jen S!!
    Yoga and pilates are both wonderful and challenging rest day, fun days!

  27. Michael Rock Says:
  28. People that troll the CFO blog are a waste of time. And those that do it anonymously are just cowards. Looks like everyone is excited about the Pilates class on Thursday. If you don’t like it then stick to what you do and let CFO do what it does. I think the results speak for themselves.
  29. jakeH Says:
  30. For once it's not me stirring up shit on the blog. I will say that the mystery blogger is well written though. As for the pilates, I'll try it out if it happens to land on a noon class someday.

    142x5 touch and go snatch. Missed 152 twice. Once on 3rd rep and once on 4th.

    DNF scaled to 5 wall walks instead of handstand walks. everything else Rx'd. Had about 30 seconds left when I took off on last 400.
  31. paul Says:
  32. Speaking as someone with mobility problems that interfere with both my training and my recovery, I think both yoga and pilates make a great complement to CF. If I had more time to devote to fitness, that's what I'd incorporate next. It's no replacement for heavy metcons, but it's not intended to be.

    I don't know if this part is just for the short term, but I do have some reservations about having the time slot for pilates rotate. It would just make it hard to make sure you could get t pilates if that's what you need, or do the CFO WOD for that day if that's what you need.

    Notice I say what you need, not what you want. I would be disappointed if I were forced to do pilates instead of back squats. But we all know which one I need more.
  33. john kinney Says:
  34. I have a dream ... that some day ... anonymous bad asses and 44-year-old limited mobility puss bags with poor shoulder mobility, will stand together ... and do kettle bell swings and sit down at the table of brotherhood ...
  35. Ricky Frausto Says:
  36. Well said Paul. I like it.

    Remember, only on rest days and I'm looking to find spots outside of regular classes such as 8am on Saturdays and sometime on Sundays.
  37. BigD Says:
  38. Wow, so we got a keyboard tough-guy out there?
    Isn't the goal of CrossFit to be better at EVERYTHING?
    Don't see the harm in adding pilates. I'll be honest, not sure what all it will entail, but I got a pretty good feeling it will help me improve in something I have never done, leading me to be an even more well-rounded athlete.
    Just hope my schedule will allow for me to fit these in....
  39. paul Says:
  40. Can I just say that I am grateful to the mysterious stranger for getting people to think--and POST--about this?! Also, in my field you always attack every idea, no matter who it comes from. The ideas that survive the attacks are the ones worth keeping. So I also think it's worth asking hard questions about what kind of programming everyone should want.
  41. Ricky Frausto Says:
  42. Or what kind of programming everyone should need, right Paul?
  43. Shane Says:
  44. I think open debate is great. This isn't open debate, it's ad hominem whining by an anonymous poster. Sorry, but if you can't give your name, your argument caries no weight.
  45. JennG Says:
  46. I am curious as to why our anonymous poster cares so much. What are you afraid of? What are you so angry about? Is CFO providing a pilates class somehow affecting you? That's the beauty of having multiple options in our city. If one box doesn't provide what you're looking for, you don't have to go there. I don't understand the hostile attitude toward someone else's community.

    Now..about me. I'm working on a plan to tackle some weaknesses. Came in early to warm up with a 1200m run (running is a definite weakness) and had plenty of time for dynamics & mobility prior to class. I think this is a good move.

    Used 53# for snatches. Still don't feel great about this lift, but Ricky's right...when you don't think so much, it's easier.

    Did 8 jumping pull-ups & 5 wall walks. Got 3 pull-ups into the 4th round when the 2nd run started.
  47. O'Kief Says:
  48. And into this sea of discord came a peacemaker...named O'Kief.

    Guess who's back, back again?

    After 6 months away, a very scaled version of the conditioning WOD almost made me puke--and I loved it. So glad to be back!
  49. bluejayRN Says:
  50. 87# snatch and a big fat DNF for the metcon! I scaled the pull ups to 10 and did 5 wall walks, 5 full rounds. My shoulders are shot. Wowza.

    So, I just got off the phone with Miss Carrie Adams. Get ready for one heck of an active rest day. She has some pilates basics planned and will build from there. Combining CrossFit and pilates will take everyone's training to another level. I don't know about you guys, but I'm super stoked to strengthen my core and become more aware of how I'm moving my body through space. That will only translate to more effective gymnastics movements and Olympic lifts.

    Welcome Carrie! See you on Thursday!

  51. Paula Says:
  52. Pilates....I think everyone could benefit from it in one way or another. We all probably have a mobility issue(s), or have had a past injury we are trying to recover from and gain strength and/or mobility in that area, or could use a little help in recovery. And isn't flexibility a component of Crossfit? If you don't want to do it than don't sign up for the class and let others who need it take the advantage of having it available.

    Snatches- 53#. These actually felt good for once!

    Conditioning- did 4 pull-ups one by one with 5 wall walks. The last few were UGLY. I barely got to 45degrees. Had one one walk left 4th round when it was time to run. Thanks Andrew for bringing us in on the final run. It really helped!!

    Way to go 6:30!!! It was a rough one!
  53. Paula Says:
  54. Oh, Ya.....A HUGE WECOME BACK TO GREG OKIEF!! It was good to see you! What a day to come back to!
    You did great tonight!
  55. Steve Says:
  56. Welcome back Greg... about damn time.

    110 x 5 for touch and goes, maybe could've done 115.

    Into 4th round when time ran out and had to run. Was doing handstand walks sideways across a line.
  57. lynn Says:
  58. I find people say negative things and spew venom out of jealously or pure boredom in their own lives – very sad!
  59. Gdawg Says:
  60. how did i just see this now?

    hey Omaha xfit- if we wanted to hear from an asshole, we would've just farted.

    thanks for stopping by.

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