Tuesday 120410

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As many reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
3 Box Jumps
3 Air Squat
6 Box Jumps
6 Air Squats
9 Box Jumps
9 Air Squats
Run 100 meters
12 Box Jumps
12 Air Squats
15 Box Jumps
15 Air Squats
18 Box Jumps
18 Air Squats
Run 100 meters
21 Box Jumps
21 Air Squats
24 Box Jumps
24 Air Squats
27 Box Jumps
27 Air Squats
Run 100 meter

And so on, adding three reps to each round and a 100 meter run after every third set until time runs out. For us, 100 meters is to the curb and back.

Post total reps completed to comments/Logwod.

A very cool picture of Marie as she attempts to shoulder the 73# stone. She was successful too.

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11 Responses to "Tuesday 120410"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Got through 3 air squats of the 18s. Man, 5 minutes goes by fast!
    Hung around after and got my first successful kip on a handstand pushup. Yay!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Nice work on the kipping HSPU, Dave!

    I just barely made it through the 2nd run using a 24" box. My legs were jelly by the end. I was amazed how quickly my legs fatigued.

    Nice change of pace, though, and I was very grateful not to use my shoulders today.
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. Round of 21: got through 14 box jumps. I used a 20" box. Pogo style box jumps are getting better for me, but I still need to be smoother with these.

    77 box jumps, 63 air squats total.

    Good work 6 a.m.!!

    Congrats Dave on the kipping HSPU!!
  7. Lauren F. Says:
  8. Very first Wod and very first post: done n' done! Thanks to everyone I've met so far for the warm welcomes! Today I got through 16 box jumps out of 18 using 3 red plates. Hope to work up to a big girl box one day and still keep a good pace :). Looking forward to tomorrow!
  9. Jen Says:
  10. Welcome Lauren!

    3 box jumps into the 24s. Nice easy day. Felt good compared to yesterday.
  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Congrats Lauren on you first day/first post!

    I read Carrie Adams bio today, and it sounds great. I'm looking forward to trying some classes with her.

    Got 7 BJ's into round of 24 with a 24" box. Nice quick burn. I recovered fairly quick and worked on heavy front squats. Big weakness for me (which translates to thrusters/wall balls/full squat clean/ etc)

    I really enjoyed the extra time today to hit one of my weakness.

    Nice to have Greg O'Kief back. If you don't know him, he is a super nice guy and a lot of fun to hang around.
  13. Marie Says:
  14. Love the picture, Ricky! Excellent demo, coaching and encouragement from you and Joe that day. Most of you know what a piece of fluff I am. But I am so much stronger than I was when I came to CFO a little over a year ago (stronger than I've ever been in my life!). So last week when I first tried to pick up the stone, it didn't really budge. I thought "no fucking way can I lift that!" and at Joe's suggestion started working with the 45lb medicine ball. Then, since I couldn't stand giving up, I tried the stone again and did it!! Thanks for urging me on, Ricky - that helped :)

    Every day I look forward to working out with the trainers & community at CFO and "leaving it all" at the gym. You are all strong, positive and amazing people!
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. Got through 20 of 21 box jumps with 20' box. Joe pointed out toward the end that I may not be opening my hips all the way on every jump so I plan to mod my jumps so I stand at the top and do my reset up there and pogoing back to top. That's the plan anyway.

  17. bluejayRN Says:
  18. Got through 7 or the 18 box jumps. I am feeling S-L-O-W after 8 weeks of strength class. Time to kick it up a notch in terms of my heart and lungs. Not to mention allergies are kicking my butt right now, but that's just a sad excuse for my poor capacity right now.

    After the 5 minutes of fun I worked on some dips. I did 7...that's right 7! all singles, can't string them together yet, but that is miles from the big fat 0 I could do before!

    Looking forward to WODing with Team Estrogen tomorrow!
  19. Addi Says:
  20. Got through the round of 18 with 3 seconds to spare, during which I tried to start the run, but found my legs entirely crippled. Not pleasant. Used the 24" box, which got difficult really fast. Air squats are stupid. :) Tried to keep up with Crystal, but couldn't quite catch her.

    Also, this morning, did some strength/shoulder rehab. 7 sets of 3 press at 69# and 3 strict pullups w/10#. Pullups felt slow and weak, but so did my brain for most of the day. Then got talked into joining the workout at my First National class. Partner workout - 7 rds each of a DB complex (7 pushups, 7 cleans, 7 squats, 7 press, 7 ea lunges). Alternate rounds, jumprope during "rest." I used 25# DBs, and those presses got HARD. I would have gone a little lighter, but the other trainer was using 30s, and he's a runner, so...
  21. Addi Says:
  22. Congrats to Dave and Marie! And welcome to the general population, Lauren. :)

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