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Cleans - 1RM (3 attempts)

You are allowed to use up to 53# for ladies and 88# for guys to warm up for the clean as much as you need. Once the workout begins, you will get one additional warm-up set of up to two reps at the load of your choice before then getting 3, and only 3, attempts at a 1 rep max clean (squat or power catch are both permitted).


You have 7.5 minutes to run 1200 meters as fast as you can. Whatever time is left, is rest. At the completion of the 7.5 minutes, you will then get 3 minutes to perform 50M/30F hand release push ups followed by AMRAP handstand push ups. All hspu will be done to an ab mat with hands to either green bumpers for the ladies or yellow bumpers for the guys. Palms must cover holes at all times.

This workout is scored both for fastest run and most hspu reps. Strict handstand push ups count for 1.5 reps.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Saturday morning monsters.

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6 Responses to "Wednesday 120314"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Looks like I'm missing another good one. Going to give my body another day, though.
  3. Mark Says:
  4. For my 3 clean attempts I did 198, 213, 225. I tried to follow what Joe said using the Know-Think-Hope strategy. I was pretty excited to be able to get 225# pretty easily. The squat was pretty slow coming up but I didn't struggle getting under the bar. This is also only 5# off my all time PR for the clean.

    6:38 for the 1200 meter run and I made it through 50 push ups and one attempt at a handstand push up.
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. Followed Mark's progression in the clean attempts but totally bailed on the 225 attempt. That would have been a PR and I had the height but just didn't get under it.

    5:58 on the run but only got 45 PUs in before time was called.

    Good strong bunch of 6amers today!

    We need another dude for to join Paula, Sue, and me for Sunday's Bear and Burpees......who's in???
  7. Jen Says:
  8. Totally bummed about my cleans today. Went with 141 for the squat clean and it felt good. Technique still needs work (as always). Failed on 151. What? Power cleaned it for the last attempt. My goal was 141, 151 and 161. Suck!

    6:15 for the run. Felt great to run outside. I'll mentally shave 10 sec off my time due to the a-hole semi driver that ran me off the road.

    30 Pus and 7 HSPUs. This was tough!
  9. Paula Says:
  10. It's been a long time since I did 1RM Cleans! The last time was in 2010 when it was #114 and with only cross fitting for a total of 6 months last year I didn't really know where to start. I was gaged it on the power cleans we have done recently. So, I did 99, 109, and 119. Which is a PR. I felt I could have gone heavier but with only 3 attempts it was hard to judge. But, I very happy with that.

    I believe I got 4:58 on the 800m run and got all 30 pushups (10,8,7,3,2) and then did one long ass handstand hold.

    I enjoyed today. Fun times 9am!!! Great work you all!!!
  11. BC Says:
  12. 198# on the clean, PR! Haven't gotten to type those letters in a while. I'm coming for you 200#.

    5:34 on the run.

    Only managed 34 HR pushups. Whatever. I got a 7# PR so pushups can suck it.

    Nice work 5:30 crew.

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