Thursday 120315

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Rest Day

Last year's Beer and Burpees crew.

We have about 7 or so teams signed up so far but we still need a few extras to complete some teams. I'd say somewhere around 2 guys and 4 ladies would be cool. If you got some time and want to hang out, let me know and I'll assign you.

Remember, the winning teams get CFO logbooks and bragging rights for the year (pic in the plaque).

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10 Responses to "Thursday 120315"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Played around with pacing. Thought doing 15 at a time with a quick breath in between would be manageable. Not so much. 150 WB in 12 min. Had like 5 seconds left. Tried to get a DU before the bell but couldn't get there. Man, I know I did the 150 WB in under 10 min before. So, next try going to unbroken as far as I can and then take it from there.
    Nice work this morning, Sherri!
  3. Addi Says:
  4. Hey, kids!
    My girl Jen Osborn from CF Cornerstone told me one of her clients, Frank, is dropping in Friday afternoon and on Saturday for 12.4. She said he's relatively new to CF, and is nervous to drop in. Be sure to say hi! She also mentioned he's a total B.A.
  5. paul Says:
  6. Had some fun today:

    10-1 hand-release pushups
    1-10 thrusters (95)

    finished 9:07, rested until 13 min

    10-1 OHS (95)
    1-10 GH situps

    finished around 24:30, rested until 26 min

    10-1 ring rows
    1-10 triple-unders

    DNF the last part, quit around 33 min.
  7. GregP Says:
  8. If anyone is looking for their wallball time, we did Karen (150) on March 14th lst year. Hoepfully you recorded that on Logwod or in your journal
  9. Addi Says:
  10. Sort of back in action today. Still coughing, but otherwise feeling much better. Triceps soreness nearly gone, but not feeling strong. Messed around with a few rope climbs, a couple pull-ups (as in exactly 2), some wall ball, and some mobility. Just testing the waters - most things feel fine, just not ready to be fast or strong.
  11. Sbrownfield Says:
  12. Thanks Dave. Awesome job yourself! Way to push through in the end.
  13. Shelley Says:
  14. Did 12.4 and got 240 reps

    I had over 2 minutes to get at least one muscle up.........

    I got through WB's in 7:40, DU's took almost 2 minutes (these were tiring for me) and then went to muscle ups.

    Broke up wall balls in 25,25,20,20,15,15,15,15.

    I then did the 1200 run and the pushups and HSPU's wod from yesterday as I had been out of town for work. My 1200 time was 6:10, disappointed in that as I've run 1200 meters faster before and I got 3 HSPU's (all kipping). I started pushups at the 7:30 mark instead of 8 minutes (missed that part).

    I thought my shoulders would be shot, but they don't really feel that bad. My quads on the other hand, are a little bit sore.

    Thanks for counting for me Megan and to others yelling/cheering. It really does make a difference!!!

    I stuck around after to work on muscle up progressions with Megan Mac and Megan (sorry I can't remember your last name).
  15. JennG Says:
  16. A whole lot of messing around today with lots of different stuff.
    Took a couple 200 meter runs.
    Worked on rope climbs, which are getting better.
    Played around with banded ring dips.
    Worked on squats.
    Pushed a little harder for short spurts and spread them out over the whole hour. Feeling really good, but definitely trying to pace the comeback.
    Thinking about jumping into a heat & just doing Karen on Saturday.
  17. Mark Says:
  18. Came in at 4:30 today and did 12.4. I got 240 reps with only 7 seconds to spare. Wall balls took about 8 1/2 minutes and the double unders just weren't cooperating with my jelly legs.
  19. Paula Says:
  20. I came in at 4:30 to give 12.4 a shot. 145 reps...5 WB short. Dangit!! I don't think i could have done a DU with the way my legs were feeling. Thanks for counting, Michael. You were awesome!

    Great job to all! That was tough! I'm sure we will all be struggling to walk the next few days! Stayed to watch the 5:30 take it on as well! Megan Mac, you were sooo dang close on that muscle up . You and Shelley will get one very soon!!!

    Good luck to all that do 12.4 on Saturday!!!!

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