Tuesday 120327

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Benchmark Board Workout

21-15-9 reps of:
225/155 pound Deadlift
Handstand Push ups

To have a chance at the board, hspu cannot be kipped. Otherwise, kipping is allowed as a scale. If you choose to use an ab mat, you must place a green bumper to each side. Little to no bounce for deadlifts.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 100803.

A badass pic of Brian (BC) Christiansen doing chest 2 bar pull ups. (photo by Chris Baldwin)

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12 Responses to "Tuesday 120327"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Great seeing a packed 5am class this morning!
    8:16. Rx'd on DLs, but was feeling it after getting a PR of 425 on Sunday.
    Scaled down to box HSPU after getting 4 regular that were all types of ugly. Guess I know what I need to work on.
  3. Doug Anderson Says:
  4. 8:30 Rx'd this morning. The HSPU's caught up to me pretty quick after the first round. Im definitely going to feel the after effects of those.

    The 5am class was great this morning! It's always nice when class is full!
  5. paul Says:
  6. I was just telling Ricky the other day that it's been a while since I've gone from not being able to do something to suddenly being able to do it. But I just had that with HSPU! I got a strict one yesterday, and a one today. Technically, that's not a PR (I used to be able to do them, then lost them). But it is a miracle.

    Despite that success, my shoulder has been beaten up lately, so I scaled to feet on a box. DL rx'ed, and didn't break up any DL reps. 9:50. This was surprisingly brutal.

    Great work, 6am monsters!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Reading yesterday's comments...

    Lynn, with your attitude and work ethic, you will be a TTB master one day! I can't wait to see you do 5 in a row (and I bet that's not even too far in the future)!
  9. Jen Says:
  10. 7:39 Rx'd

    Pretty excited I was able to get through the HSPUs without kipping.Started with 2 sets of 5, then 3's for a bit and then they quickly melted into singles.

    Only broke up the DLs once on the set of 15.
  11. Shelley Says:
  12. Jen,

    That's awesome!!! I'm giving this a go later today for the first time. In looking back, I have never done Diane.....
  13. Stephen Says:
  14. This was my first time doing a benchmark workout. I posted a DNF, but I'm not terribly disappointed. I've never really tested myself on HSPU before. I scaled to 9,6,3 knowing that my shoulders are a weak point. I got 7 strict before complete muscle failure. I didn't finish the first set. I also failed on the second set as I was only able to finish 2 kipping. I think I could have made it through the DLs RX'd, but I'll have to wait until next time. It's great being back at 5 am!
  15. Shelley Says:
  16. 10:52

    DL's Rx'd all unbroken
    15 strict HSPU's, 30 kipping HSPU's

    I missed strict on my 16th rep so went to kipping after that. I've never done 45 HSPU's in a workout before so this felt good. I started with sets of 3, then went to 2's and did a lot of singles as well.

    Great job 4:30!!
  17. Megan Says:
  18. 7:01, with 121# DL and strict HSPU. It really helped to break this up by 7s, 5s and 3s, per Jon's instruction. My deadlift needs a lot of work; I'd love to do this Rx'd one day soon.
  19. Addi Says:
  20. Badass.
  21. Addi Says:
  22. 11:20 w/kipping HSPU. The plan was to do one strict at the beginning of every set, then do max kipping. That lasted all of one rep. My shoulders were pretty torched from snatch balance yesterday.

    I rested a lot today, but it was fairly deliberate. I broke up the 21 and 15 DLs just to really drill my form on the return - I tend to get a little out front with high reps. Otherwise, they felt great. With HSPU, I just wanted to keep my sets as big as possible. 21 was 7/7/4/3, 15 was 5/3/4/3, and 9 was 5/3/1 (failed on last rep and had to redo). Apparently, as I get tired, my head likes to go too close to my hands. Need to watch that.

    This was a fun one! Humbling, but fun. Also, look out for the newer 6:30 ladies. These girls are getting good fast. I loved the vibe tonight - lots of cheering each other on and people working hard to get better. That's what it's about. Now start posting on the blog!
  23. BC Says:
  24. I can safely say that is the first time that the words "badass pic" and my name have ever been used in the same sentence. Ever. Thanks for the love.

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