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Snatch Balance

Work up to a heavy single. You have 15 minutes or 8 sets, whichever comes first. This does not have to be a 1RM and in fact, there should be no misses. Upon 2 misses, the workout, for you, is done. Pressing snatch balances will not be counted.


As many reps as possible in 75 seconds of:
15 Double Unders
8 Burpees

Rest 2 minutes. Repeat for 7 cycles.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Now this is full range of motion. When it looks as though you could be hanging from the bar when you're actually holding it overhead, you can't get any better than that.

And you can't get any better than Shane Thomas. A teacher of young minds, a family man, maybe in the running for most improved in the gym over the last year. I'm glad this guy represents CFO. (photo by Chris Baldwin)

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  1. paul Says:
  2. Big 6am class, especially for a Monday. Way to get after it, people!

    Got 152 for the snatch balance. Locked out 164 overhead, but I caught it so high I didn't bother to do the OHS.

    at 6am we did 60s/90s work/rest interval. I got 2 rds/cycle except in no. 4 when my rope got knotted and I only had time for 5 burpees. 319 total reps. I liked this one.

    Shoulder has been hurting a little, so I made sure to externally rotate on the burpee landing (turned my palms out slightly). This helped. Good tricep work, too.
  3. BC Says:
  4. Nice work Shane, keep it up!

    Big shout out to everyone involved in CFO's performance in the Open. From the strength class crew who set the bar high every week, to the many awesome supporters that showed up every Saturday, to every one of our athletes who gutted it out for 5 weeks straight, and to the coaches who were instrumental in making it all happen. This has been an awe-inspiring 5 weeks and really epitomizes what CFO is all about - heart, talent, hard work and community. Big shouts out to our fire breathers who will be going on to represent CFO at Regionals, either individually or on the affiliate team. I would put each of you on a t-shirt and wear it with pride (I imagine the Addi t-shirt would feature bacon in some fashion).

    On a personal note, the Open for me had it's definite ups and downs. It started out very rough with the burpees in 12.1 as I finished w/ only 74, which ranked my 2298 regionally (suck!). But I "kept chopping wood" so to speak, and as my performance each week got a little bit better I kept inching my way up the regional rankings: 2036 in 12.2, 1871 in 12.3, 745 in 12.4 and currently 1370 in 12.5 (and for the record my 12.5 performance was 3 reps better than last year). I know who I am and what I am, but that doesn't mean I don't have an ego or pride, and I wanted to finish as high as possible. 12.4 is the workout that really moved me up, as I was able to complete 240 total reps, and a huge part of that is because of Ricky and his coaching the day before, if it hadn't been for his imput I have no doubt I would have crashed and burned on the wall balls and never even given myself a chance at double unders. So thanks Rick, you're kind of good at this coaching thing. Jon, Amanda and Joe don't exactly suck either. At any rate, as I wate for the final scores to be validated I'm currently sitting in 1485 overall within the region, which means nothing other than it's a hell of a lot better than 2298.

    So, as the Open wraps up, I think it would be good to hear your take on it. What did it mean to you, what did you get out of it, what are your lasting impressions or thought? Whatever you want to say, let's hear it. This blog has been way too empty of comments lately and I hope that when I check back at the end of the day I will see 20 or 30 odd comments at least. As many of you know I am not afraid to call bitches out on here. This is our chance to celebrate every single kick-ass destrominator that makes CFO the best damn affilite in the mo' fo' universe!
  5. BC Says:
  6. Did I really just write "imput"??? Input would be the word I was going for. I will give myself 1 punch in the baby making parts for butchering the English language with words that don't exist. And before anyone says anything, destrominate is a word, and anyone that argues that point will be shot in the taint with a nail gun.
  7. JennG Says:
  8. BC,
    I'm sorry...however, since you brought up your crappy grammar skills, I would also like to mention your crappy spelling skills. "Wate"? Probably better prepare for another punch.
  9. BC Says:
  10. Noted. You didn't mention anything about the open though. Baby maker punches all around.
  11. BC Says:
  12. Actually, "wate" deserves a punch, a nail gun and a full vegan meal as punishment. I have no idea what happened there. I humbly accept your mocking.
  13. Jen Says:
  14. 131 snatch balance.

    315 for the DUs and burpee work. Apparently I need to work on math skills because I wrote 258 on the board. I somehow forgot to add the second set of 8 burpees for all 7 cycles.

    The open- I finished in 106th place. This whole process highlighted my weaknesses and has given me a whole lot of business to work on over the next year.

    Wonderful job by the individual qualifiers. Super proud of you guys.
  15. JennG Says:
  16. I would normally post AFTER class, but since I have been called out, I will address the topic at hand now.

    I was not able to participate in the Open as an athlete this year. At first, I was really disappointed because it seems as though this event highlights some of the finest parts of our community, and I wanted to be apart of it. That being said, I realized I had other skills/gifts to contribute. I attended all but the last Saturday to judge and cheer. I counted for a couple of the Wednesday night strength classes while they tried it out right after the announcement (brave folks, by the way). I took pictures when I wasn’t judging. The feedback I’ve received indicates this was all valuable to the cause. So, what I got out of the Open is that while we are not all Games athletes, we’re all part of the kick-ass CFO community and have an important role to play. (Side note: LOVE LOVE LOVE the Saturday events!)

    I’m so excited for and proud of all our athletes that are going on to the next round and look forward to cheering them on in Chicago!
  17. Shane Says:
  18. Thanks very much, Ricky...that's one of the most coveted compliments I've ever received.

    Now I feel bad for skipping today. :)
  19. paul Says:
  20. Well, the blog is hardly short on comments from me, but I can't resist commenting on my own Open experience this year.

    Overall, I loved it, and I am already thinking about what I need to work on for next year.

    Two workouts really stood out for me: the snatches, and the WB-DU-MU workout. These were both very motivating, though in opposite ways. The snatch WOD was the only one I was sincerely frustrated about. I usually take strength for granted and think of metcon as the weakness, but I think it may be time for me to emphasize strength more (and of course snatch technique).

    As for 12.4, I did WAAAAYYY better than I expected on that. I put up a big boy score on that one. And yes, it's because those are all strengths (esp. wall balls and DU). But the thing is, with work, former weaknesses become strengths. So 12.4 made the next level feel attainable. I don't necessarily mean regionals next year (though that'd be nice), but maybe I can finish in the top 200 next year if not the top 60.

    Of course, none of this is about competition for me. I do crossfit because I can't stop. I love it too much, and when I hate it, that usually means I need a few rest days. (I love any problem that gets solved by sitting on my ass.) But these competitions are nice, because you can't help doing your best, and you force yourself to find out where your fitness really is when you push your hardest. Somethings are better than you thought, some things are worse. Both discoveries are equally important.

    Even after that sh!tty, sh!itty fran variation, I was dying to get into the gym this morning.
  21. Stephen Says:
  22. 154 Snatch Balance
    167 Reps for Conditioning
    Thanks, Amanda, for the help on the double unders! I think this is the first time I've felt like I was making progress in 3 months!
  23. Stephen Says:
  24. I should have emphasized that this is the first time I've felt like I've made progress on double unders in the last 3 months. I actually feel like I've come a long way in 3 months. Ricky has been an inspiration throughout the games. At first I wasn't sure I would compete since it seemed crazy to attempt having only been regularly attending regular classes and strength classes since January. Ricky helped me to see that I was crazy for not trying. Thank you CFO for helping me set unrealistic goals for myself!
  25. Addi Says:
  26. So many things to say. First, the workout.

    142# Snatch balance. Maybe could have gotten into the 150s. These felt pretty damn good today, which is exciting, because it gives me hope for getting my OHS back into shape.

    305 on the conditioning - was in the bathroom for the very beginning of the first round. Oops. Was trying to push the cycle time on the double-unders (I usually take them slower than I shpuld to avoid missing) so I tripped more than I would have liked. Did pretty good with transition times, but the second set of burpees always felt SLOW. Arms still not 100%, I think. I feel like they just get tired faster than they should. Other than that, this was good for me. Need to work on burpee speed!

    Stephen, it's awesome that you stepped up to the plate a couple months in. That's what the Open is supposed to be about - throwing your hat in and just doing your best every week. That competitive atmosphere is where you learn what you're made of. Congrats on taking the plunge, and most importantly for all your progress.

    This year's Open was great for me. I purposely set no expectations on myself - last year I got a little more caught up in the stress and the pressure than I liked. This year, I just wanted to know that I was prepared. I made a plan, watched some videos, and approached them as calmly as I could. As long as I put in my best effort, I was going to be happy. And I feel confident that I did, with the possible exception of 12.5 - just didn't have the mental game that day. Luckily, Stacie wasn't having any of that, and snapped me back in it at the end. I love the way I felt every week - calm and confident. Even when I didn't hit the numbers I wanted, it was hard to be disappointed, because I walked away knowing I had done my best.

    That being said, I may have gotten a little too comfortable. I got (really, really) lucky that no huge weaknesses (mostly OHS) showed up in the Open. I'm happy with my progress on many weaknesses over the past months, but I've also been neglecting a few, and that shit won't fly in May, let alone July. So it's time to buckle down. And I'm excited to dig in.

    Which brings me to Shane. One of the most positive people I've ever met. Just try to be a Debbie Downer on facebook, and see what happens. Shane is always ready with a wittily zen reminder that things are generally pretty damn good, and that nothing is insurmountable if you have the right attitude. Those reminders are another big reason 12.5 didn't turn into a big pile of suck for me. Thanks, Shane!

    To close, I wanted to thank Stephen for using the words "unrealistic goals." At the 2009 Regionals, I had no damn business thinking I had a shot at being on the gym's team for the Games. Anyone who says I did is lying. I knew it was unrealistic, but I also knew that I wouldn't be able to say I had done my best if I didn't train like it was an option. The months leading up to Regionals was the first time I ever showed up consistently, as opposed to cherry-picking strength days. And somehow I managed to scrape my way on the team. If I hadn't (or if Joe and Ricky hadn't stuck by the rankings - I can't imagine they were comfortable with me on the team at first... hell, maybe they're still not. Haha. stuck with me now, suckers!), I don't know that I would have stuck with it as well as I did. Long story short, "unrealistic expectations" have served me well in the past, and I think it's time to get back to that. Thanks for the kick in the ass. I needed it.

    Holy hell, that's way too much to type on a phone. Or just in general. Sorry if you're still reading. My thumbs hurt.
  27. lynn Says:
  28. This was the first time I participated in the Open because last year I had a list of excuses and I suck at this to take up the whole blog. This year I decided you only suck at something if you don't try it. I enjoyed the WOD's as they all consisted of 'opportunities' for improvements. In fact, I think all but one of my CFO bucket lists showed up in these workouts. I had the opportunity to meet new people and get to know others better. Paul was amazing on the toe to bar WOD and I took away some great things to work on because of him. I just wish I could have got one, not for me but for Paul my personal cheerleader and counter. When I get that T2B Paul you will be the first to know. Thanks to everyone who cheered, helped and took photos. I can't wait for next year!
  29. Shane Says:
  30. Thanks Addi, that was nice. Makes me glad I didn't quit reading your post after the first three chapters. :) Congrats on your great performance in the Open.
  31. Stacie Says:
  32. Snatch Balance: 142# - should have made bigger jumps, this went up too easy but 15:00 min time was up so called it a day.

    Conditioning: 318 rxd - messed up 1x on DU's and couldn't quite catch up to get 2rds each time.
  33. Shelley Says:
  34. Snatch balance: 98# did 110# but it was pretty shitty at best so wouldn't count it. Went back down and just worked on technique. This just didn't feel good for me today.

    296 RX'd on conditioning. I focused on not letting my feet go wide on burpees and was successful (had a couple that got a little wide, but nothing like they usually do when I get tired). I stayed consistent with 1 round plus 4-6 burpees each time (first round was worst when I did 8 DU's then dropped to burpees and realized I screwed up. Didn't count that burpee and went back to finishing DU's before starting burpees again (only got 1 round plus 2 burpees as result on that one).

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