Thursday 120301

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Rest Day

After a super commendable effort on 12.1, who's ready for 12.2?

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  1. Steve Says:
  2. Ran through 12.2 last night after strength class. Was going at about 80-90 percent capacity and hit 53 reps. Gonna try for 61 on Saturday... with a few mods.

    -Slower on first round.
    -Wear my weightlifting shoes (for some reason the soles of my feet were killing me).
    -Wear wrist straps and weight belt.
    -Squat more- I have a tendency to rely of upper body to force my way thru. So whoever counts for me will have to remind me to squat more.

    I would really like to get one shot at 165 lbs.
  3. Mark Says:
  4. Did 12.2 at 6AM today. I got to 60 reps and ran out of time. My goal was to get at least one or two at 165# but I only had 35 seconds left after finishing 30 at 135#. I know I left some on the table so I am going to come back in and try it on Saturday if I can.
  5. paul Says:
  6. Saw some of the 4:30 gangstas doing 12.2. Nice work, people! Mike, that's a badass score even with good shoulders!

    I did strict press: 3x5 at 130. Felt good, need to go up at least 5# next time. Then the following product of Jon's genius:

    500m row
    30 pushups
    1 muscle-up
    400m row
    25 PU
    1 MU
    300m row
    20 PU
    1 MU
    200m row
    15 PU
    1 MU
    100m row
    10 PU
    1 MU

    15:14. Those muscle-ups are tough after pushups!
  7. BigD Says:
  8. 60 reps on 12.2 at 5AM. I will get 61 or more next time!
    Thanks for cheering me on today morning monsters!

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