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Barbell In-Place Lunges x3ea-x3ea-x3ea-x3ea-x3ea reps

On a 3.5 minute clock and after some solid warm-up sets, try and find the heaviest weight you can lunge for 3 reps each leg.


Six rounds for time of:
16M/10F Unbroken Push ups (pause at top, not at bottom)
Ab Mat Sit ups

Here's how this workout goes. You pick the number of push ups (rx'd or a scaled #) and try to do each set unbroken. If you can't get a set unbroken, the set does not count and you have to start back at 1 (just for that set). For each push up, you have to hold at the top for a quick 2 count (similar to the way we've been doing air squats) in perfect push up form.

The sit ups come in as a rest between sets. You do as many or as little as it takes to get all six sets of push ups unbroken but you can't just sit there, you have to either be doing push ups or sit ups the whole time. How fast can you get them done in and will you have to make up any sets?

Post results to comments/Logwod.

Scotty takes a stab at 12.1 while Adam counts.

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4 Responses to "Wednesday 120229"

  1. Ricky Frausto Says:
  2. Hey guys, we've moved the discussion concerning a potential change in signage on the front of the building over to our Facebook page. I had some new proofs made and want your feedback. Which one you like and if there is anything new you can think of.

    Mosey on over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

    Thanks peeps.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Went in at 7, did mobility work and pistols barefoot. I had to use a 2.5# plate underneath my left heel to keep it from coming up. 5 rounds of 5 each leg were not very fast.

    I then did with Megan Mac 5 rounds of 40 DU's, 4 CTB pullups. Each round was done on a 2 minute clock with the remaining time for rest. I started with DU's. We had over a minute rest each round. No misses on DU's and got through 4 reps unbroken on CTB until last round. In my 4th round, my 4th rep was done with a doublekip (not good). Still need a lot of work on CTB. Body feels good though.

    Hoping for 12.2 to be AMRAP of heavy deadlifts......:) haha
  5. Jen Says:
  6. 109 on lunges. These felt good, minus mysterious tailbone pain. I'll go up about 10lbs next time.

    10:22 RX'd with 35 PUs the first rnd and then 25 for the remainder. The sit ups were by far the hardest part of this workout.
  7. Paula Says:
  8. 93# on the lunges. Could have gone up a bit. Note to self next time. 10:34 rx'd with 25 sit-ups.

    Nice work 9am!

    Can't wait for 12.2 announcement...6hrs and counting!

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