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Rest Day

The goal of a de-load week is to allow joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles to repair whilst remaining active. Another reason is to allow the mind to recover from burnout and loss of motivation from the daily grind of how hard CrossFit can be so that you can come back the following week refreshed and ready to rock n roll.

In other words, don't come in tomorrow and ruin that by going balls to the wall. Stay with the theme, light and technique heavy.

Now, some of you have only been crossfitting for a short time. I'm not talking to you. You guys are free to have at it. In fact, I encourage you to do so.

Another one for the psoas. This is the filet mignon of the human body. Treat it well and unleash your inner beast.

I've capped the nutrition seminar at 30 CFO members with a few spots for a wait list (we'll see). Those that get in get to bring mother, father, brothers, sisters, spouse, and/or high school or older children (I'm trusting you keep it to these people only. Thanks). Once the spots are gone, they're gone and the next one probably won't be free.

I'm also allowing 5 non CFO members into the session at a cost of $100. This is for anyone interested that isn't immediately related to a CFO member. Well worth it, I promise. Email me if you'd like to join us.

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  1. Shelley Says:
  2. Went in and worked on muscle ups first 10 mins, then did ring dips on the minute for 5 minutes. Megan Mac and I alternated with both of us getting done within the minute. I did 4 each minute unbroken. We then did 50 pullups using the red band with the goal trying to use as few sets as possible. Goal was 2 sets of 25. I wasn't even close to that. The ultimate goal is to be able to do more unbroken during wods. Finished up with rope climbs (3) Finally, I'm standing up (opening my hip ensures I'm standing up) and not using my arms much. It's been beneficial for me to workout with Megan to get feedback.

    Addi you should come play:)
  3. Addi Says:
  4. I will one of these days, Shelley! Need to get back to my early bed times. I'm having a hard time forcing myself to unplug at night.

    Also, weak blog action lately, kids. Step it up!
  5. Tovar Says:
  6. Alright CFO peeps what the heck is going on? I just read on the Crossfit Games website that Crossfit NYC has 140 of it's memebers already registered for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open. Last I checked we only have 16.

    I encourage any and all members of CFO to stop fooling around and sign up ASAP. First of all, let's make it clear that you don't have to be a Rich Froning or Annie Thorisdottir to sign up and have fun so don't worry about your crossfit age or skill level. This is simply a great opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and see where you stack up against the thousands of other crossfit participants throughout the world. Second, the workouts will probably be programmed into our weekly regimen anyway so why not keep score. And if you need a third reason, then just do it for the gym. The affiliate with the most members signed up gets their affiliate fee waived for life. Why can't we have every single member of OUR gym sign up? (I'm pretty sure we have more than 140 members.)

    Come on people let's get it done! We can make it a weekly celebration of sorts and have a crazy good time doing the WOD's together. It's no different than any other day you show up at the gym except you have to submit your scores online. Holla!
  7. paul Says:
  8. First, congrats to Shane on his first (and 2nd and 3rd) muscle up!!

    Second, I highly recommend signing up for the open. From the outside, I might seem like I'm competitive, but the truth is that I'd much rather track my own progress than compare my performance to someone else's. But I still loved doing the open last year because you can't help wanting to do your best, and that's good motivation--motivation to get better than you are now, not better than someone else.

    don't know whether it was me or the workout, but this sucker kicked my ass:

    AMRAP in 20 min
    7 KB thrusters (1pd KBs)
    7 CTB pullups
    7 OH lunges (33# plate)
    50 backwards single-unders

    8 rds and 7 thrusters. ouch!
  9. Addi Says:
  10. Agreed. The Open should NOT be intimidating. The workouts each week are purposely programmed so that almost anyone will be able to do them prescribed. Weights will be light to moderate, and advanced skills will be worked in so that they don't preclude newer CFers from participating. For instance, the muscle-ups last year the last 10 reps of a 100-rep round. Even if you didn't have muscle-ups, you still had a chance to get 90 reps, which ended up being a pretty solid score for that workout. The purpose of the Open is for EVERYone to join in and have fun. Saturday Open workouts are going to be a blast - it's a great way to get a taste of competition in a familiar environment. A great opportunity to push yourself a little more and see what you're capable of and the progress you've undoubtedly made. No different than FGB or Beer and Burpees, except that the party lasts 5 weeks. :)

    Let the AMRAP-fest begin!

    Also, this blog action is weak. You're taking the deload concept a little too far, people. Expending the energy it takes to type what you did at the gym will NOT constitute overtraining. I promise.
  11. BigD Says:
  12. Completely agree, the Open was a blast last year and will be even more fun this year. And even if you can't make it to the Saturday WODs you can still come do them with all us folks knocking them out on Thursday.
    Awesome workouts + great people cheering you on. What could be better?
  13. Shane Says:
  14. Thanks Paul! I'm still basking in the muscle-up afterglow.

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