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Dips - 1RM

Attempt to find a weighted 1 rep max during a 12 minute time span. When the 12 minutes is up, the workout is done. No weighted warm-ups may occur until the clock starts. If you do not have weighted dips or maybe even dips at all, use this time practicing deep negatives.


5 rounds for time of:
5 Dead-lifts
3 Power Cleans
1 Hang Squat Clean
10 Toes 2 Bar
120 Single Unders

Prescribed weights are 203#/143#. You must come down from the 5th dead-lift before going up for your first power clean. From last power clean into hang squat clean, the bar isn't required to touch the floor first. For single unders, you cannot use a running in place technique or a side to side single leg technique. It must be two feet hit the ground, two feet leave the ground.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Watch this vid closely. Can you even perform what he's trying to get a person to do? Basically, he's trying to get you to bend over and see how far your normal range is without allowing the spine to round out or over extend. Make sense? This means, you can't bow at your back but you also can't stick your belly out to over tighten your spine as a compensation.

 Where else might limited range in this position affect you? How about the coming up part in a burpee? Open workout 12.1 anyone?

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8 Responses to "Friday 120224"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 92# dip (vest and 2pd KB). Felt great, but I missed when I tried 3 chains plus the 2pd. Still, PR.

    My back was unhappy this morning (gotta work up to full ROM like in the video!), so I scaled the metcon to 176. 13:14. Felt pretty good at that weight, though my form should've been better considering the lower weight.
  3. Addi Says:
  4. Fun day!

    60# dip. Failed with the 2 pood. Don't have a number to compare it to, but I clearly remember the first llittle in-gym competition we had back at UNO when I cried because I could barely do a negative. So I'm calling it a big damn PR.

    10:51 rx'd on the metcon. Loved everything about this workout. Packed full of strengths for me. T2B were unbroken until last round. 4th round of jumprope was a little dicey. All about grip management and sticking to a game plan. If I had bothered to make that game plan before the 2nd round, I think I could have cut this down close to the 10 min mark. Still, it's a nice little confidence booster for me going into tomorrow's burpee hell. And a reminder to stick to the plan.
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. 60# dip. Ran out of time for more, but 60# was tough.

    14:55 Rx'd on metcon; T2B were slow for me.

    Congrats Hira for getting your first dips!!!
  7. jakeH Says:
  8. 50# for dips. My arms are wrecked after this week, so didn't push it today. I think Kyle and Danny P ran out of things to strap to themselves. Pretty entertaining.

    12:06 Rx'd on the conditioning. Again feeling sluggish today and cleans were not the best. Oh well. Felt good just to do something.

    Good luck to those who have not done 12.1 yet, its a grinder.
  9. Addi Says:
  10. Congrats, Hira!
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Also, forgot to thank Amanda for helping me with my clean and jerk technique yesterday! Made a big difference today!
  13. BC Says:
  14. 45# DB for dips, DNF conditioning wod using 154#, was literally in the middle of the 120th single under of the 5th round when time ran out.
  15. Stacie Says:
  16. Saved my arms for 12.1 - only worked up to 40# dips... did that for a set of 2. This was done on ROgue's machine, not rings.

    WOD: 10:24 rxd - all unbroken until rd 4 (t2B) got real tough, real fast!

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