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Press 5-5-5 reps (sets across)

We last pressed on 120106 for 5 sets of 1. If you were here that day, check your logs and shoot for 80-85% of the heaviest weight you lifted for all sets. If you're new, err on the light side and now you have a place to start for next time. Prescribed is all 15 reps successfully lifted at the same weight. Three minute clock.


For time:
90 Kipping Toes 2 Bar

If choosing to go prescribed, there are a couple of rules. 1) No more or no less than 15 reps before having to come off the bar. How long you stay off the bar is up to you. The clock is running. 2) Cannot complete the full 15 reps before coming off the bar? Those reps don't count. 3) Prescribed is also chain kipping. If you do 8 kipping, mess up and have to stop, but don't come off the bar, it still constitutes a broken set and won't count.

Scaling is completely allowed. Scale to 60 reps (6x10), 30 reps (6x5), or something else but keep with the six sets. If you cannot chain kip, no worries, do what you can. Merely staying on the bar is challenging enough so try for that.

Post weight for press and T2B time to comments/Logwod.

Nikki Beran, post workout cool down. Thanks for the pic N.

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8 Responses to "Friday 120203"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 92# 3x5 Press; these felt pretty good and is 80-85% of 1 RM (113)

    5:10 on T2B; I did 6x8 reps. I can get the job done on these, but they're not efficient. I started next to Jen S and had 5 reps done to her 8 as an example. I spend too much time on the bar. Thanks for input afterwards from some of the ladies on technique.

    Prior to this went in early and worked on muscle ups (feel like I'm getting closer and swing is better) then worked snatch and pistols. Not a good day for snatch, went down on weight and just worked technique. Pistols were ok meaning I can do them, but they're not fast.

    I wish 9 a.m. would work for me as I enjoy that time slot and seeing some new people.
  3. bluejayRN Says:
  4. 68# for Press. It felt pretty good and I think it was the right weight. Hopefully I can go up again next time.

    T2B are tough. I seem to add an extra swing between reps and can't string them together. I did do 4 sets of 8 and then 2 sets of 5 in about 5:36.

    I agree Shelley, I wish I could do 9 am everyday too. It is a great class and perfect timing for the day. Unfortunately my schedule won't allow for it the next few months as I have to join the "regular" work day for a bit. Darn work and school getting in the way of CrossFit again. Responsibilities, saving lives and learning how to save lives:)
  5. paul Says:
  6. hate to miss this one--i need this!

    at my hotel in vegas:
    5 strict pullups
    10 hand-release pullups
    15 hollow rocks
    20 air squats
    about 10 min. i was slow today, thanks to the sins of last night. but in my case, those sins were just a few beers and some thai egg noodles (and no, that isn't a euphemism).
  7. BigD Says:
  8. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Paul....
    Got 142 for 3x5. Right at 82.5% of current 1RM. Gonna get back up over 170 before spring.
    6:57 on T2B. Started out strong and got 15 for the first 3 sets.
    Went downhill from there. Got a 12, then a 10, and finally a 7 to finish out. These sneak up on you for sure! Just glad I am learning how to string these together finally.
  9. Jen Says:
  10. 87 for press. Felt good, I think I could have managed 5 more pounds. Next time!

    6x8 reps for T2B @ 3:00 I screwed up 1 rep in the last set so I did 2 more sets of 8 to make up for it.

    8 reps was a good # to pick.

    Love the 9:00 class (well, 9:10 for me) One of the tougher things about Crossfit is the whole child care thing. So being able to workout while 1 kid is in school and bringing the other is sweet. Thanks to the 9 class for tolerating my daughters car key stealing. :)
  11. jakeH Says:
  12. Matt and I (the pink shoe crew) teamed up on the press. I used 145x5 and didn't really struggle at all. I think we both will be going up in weight next time.

    Did 6 sets of 10 on the T2B and finished around 4:15ish. My hands were too beat up from a C2B/Clean workout i did on Wednesday to do the 90.

    Always fun at the noon hour.
  13. Paula Says:
  14. 77# on Presses. 80% of 1RM- 98#. These felt good today.

    5:10- 6 x 5 with Knee to elbows - These are coming along.

    Good times 5am! It was good to see you all. It's been a few weeks since I've been in that early.

    I really enjoy the 9am as well. Perfect time with a great group! I go on my days off and love it!!!

    Oh and I signed up for the Open today! Can't wait! It was so much fun last year!
  15. BC Says:
  16. 93# for press, whatever.

    Did 6x6 for T2B and with Jon Day's guidance I FINALLY figured out how to string them together consecutively. Nice way to finish up the week, thanks Jon, you're so f&#$ing dreamy!

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