Thursday 120112

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Rest Day

What's your excuse?

Reebok on a mission to get its employees fit, Jenn Abelson - The Boston Globe


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  1. jakeH Says:
  2. I am guilty of coming up with excuses. Well maybe not excuses, but rather avoiding certain things. It usually revolves around injuries or being busy with work, but I still try and do something everyday. Of course there are certain movements that I tend to divert from more than others because of my lack of skill or level of comfort.

    Got on the stair climber today. 15 minutes @ level 13 w/ every minute on the minute 25 DU's. 103 floors and 2.15 miles with 375 DU's. Goal was to not use the rail for support (that lasted about 6 minutes). Sucked bad.
  3. Ricky Frausto Says:
  4. Jake,

    We know this about you. We truly do. You, my friend, are caught up in having to be at the top even though there are many holes in your game. I'm glad you have the nuts to come out about it.

    The true path to the top is to realize that CFO is but the training room/practice room. It does not matter who wins or loses in the practice room. You should not care to win the uncoveted title of practice room champion.

    Focus your efforts on skipping days you know you will do good to spend that time focusing on your holes and dare not miss the days where you know you will have your butt handed to you as these are where you will grow.

    It's not lack of comfort you are afraid of because I've seen you push incredibly hard before. It is more your inability to accept that you aren't YET good at a movement and may have to scale it or that you may get beat by someone that you don't feel you should be beaten by.

    I hope in 2012, you realize this and head toward the crossfitter I know you can be.

    This goes out to everyone.

    Don't run, because, you are comfortable with it and have done it before. Instead, sprint as hard as you can with some but little rest and repeat numerous times.

    Don't pace, just so you can say you finished. Proceed with reckless abandon out of the gates because that is different, scary, unknown, uncomfortable and will truly let you know where your fitness stands. Who cares if you don't finish? Only if you truly went with reckless abandon. Otherwise, you were just an idiot and didn't scale properly.

    Scaling is not inferior. If you were 4 years old and the medication you were about to take said 5 & under take 1/2 a tablet, would you feel inferior for having take only half? Why not? Why do they have only this tall can ride this ride? Scaling is nothing other than programming for another athlete. The funny thing is you hear people say individualizing a diet, workout program, etc. is the optimal approach for someone to reach their potential and that trying to fit everyone on a cookie cutter program will get most nowhere but those same people hate to scale or feel that scaling is inferior. Why is that? Scaling is individualizing it to fit their needs.

    If done properly, scaling a workout can make that workout so much harder. Not scaling when you should, actually make a workout easier because you are resting and walking around more than you should be. Think about that for a second.

    During strength days, actually go heavy. Go so heavy that you are afraid to get underneath the bar. That way when you do succeed, you will not be afraid of if and will then be better because of it. And if you fail, you'll realize that it was nothing like you expected and will be determined to try again.

    I hope this helps some of you that struggle with where you stand with CrossFit. Maybe not believing you can do this. Because you can and are doing it. Keep fighting.
  5. svioli Says:
  6. I had an excuse for canceling for Tuesday's class. I HATE, HATE, HATE running. If there were a stronger word I'd use it. Running is not my friend.

    I realized today (before reading this post) that I don't really hate it, I'm just not good at it...yet. I need more practice. I need to stare running in the face and kick the shit out of it. And I will. This year.

    I just signed up for my first ever run - Mud Sweat and Beers - in May. 7 K. I can totally do this (oh, and the "beer" in the title didn't hurt my motivation one bit!)

    Although you didn't write this post to me specifically, I hear you - thanks Ricky!
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. Way to go Sue! That should be a fun run!

    Ricky, I like what you said about scaling. I hadn't really ever thought of it that way. It has been my quest to be able to go RX, but really I am working just as hard as everyone else when I scale. I am getting stronger by scaling, that is what I have to keep in mind.

    I do my best not to make excuses, but I think my number one excuse is when I work twelve hour days and my only option for class is a 5 am, I make an excuse because I can't get out of bed. In reality I feel great when I start my day that way. It is hard to balance work, school, kids, family, and workouts, but I feel best when I make it all happen.

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