Thursday 120105

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Rest Day

Our new standard for sit ups. You do not have to use an ab mat but db's are required unless otherwise stated. The beginning will always remain with shoulder blades and fingertips touching the ground but the end range will now require that you touch fingertips to the far side FLOOR of the db's as shown above (outside the legs or in between them is irrelevant). Db's must also be touching as shown above.

Just like any other movement, if range is not met, the rep does not count and/or if range cannot be met, the workout is considered scaled.

Mobility is key. Just as important as strength and a high understanding of movement mechanics.

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3 Responses to "Thursday 120105"

  1. BC Says:
  2. Well hello 6am, it's been a while.

    Made up yesterday's. I haven't deadlifted in quite some time (since the baby I haven't done much of anything over the last 3 weeks) so my plan was 308#. I knew right away from the warm ups that it was going to be rough. I did get 308# but only did 1 rep as it was very shaky and I have no desire to blow out my back, esp since my chiropractor is on an extended vacation (slacker). So we'll call that FAIL.

    For the conditioning I did 12 reps w/ CTB pullups and 24" jumps, finished in 11:09. Felt like I was doing weighted pullups so I assume that's not a good thing.

    A few of you have asked so I'll go ahead and say that there may be a special new family member with Jess and me at the gym either tomorrow night and/or Saturday morning. No promises, but that's our plan.
  3. Steve Says:
  4. 6500 m row with Dan this morning, although he did the majority of it. After my poor performance on Tuesday night rows, I wanted to work on form. Jon set me up earlier on the pull, and with Amanda's help, I think I've got the whole movement down. Immediate feedback when I felt much more resistance in my legs on the beginning of the pull. Before, I'm sure my rows were 50/50 split between lower and upper body. Now it feels more like 80/20. Of course, my legs got tired faster, but I want to work on keeping my form while getting my 500 m time down.
  5. Paula Says:
  6. Made up yesterday's. Deadlifts felt very heavy this morning. I did 174# in march 11' and when I got to 154 today I knew it would be tough to lift 174 x 5. So, did 164# and succeeded without too much difficulty.

    Metcon: 11:38 scaled to 3 Kipping/12 jumping (I was struggling with kipping todayl) , 15 BJ on 20", 15 situps. Good job today Steven!


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