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Dead-lift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

IMPORTANT! This part of the workout calls for 55-60% of your current 1RM (not all time best) for all sets. Please show responsibility in choosing the correct weight. The focus is speed of contraction and not amount of load. Keep a neutral grip, do not touch and go, and use a tempo of x121 (explosive up, 1 second pause at top, 2 second return to the bottom, 1 second pause at the bottom) - Use a 65 second clock.


Seven rounds of:
In 45 seconds, complete 5 C2B Pull ups and 10 Burpees
With whatever time is left, complete as many air squats as possible.
Rest 45 seconds.

Scale to lower rep C2B, regular pull ups, lower rep regular pull ups, and between 5-8 burpees if needed to maximize work output. Shoot for at least 5 air squats every round or scale. Slow is not an option. Also, if you aren't standing up all the way, you may be asked to add 2 count to top of air squats.

Post dead-lift weight and total air squat reps to comments/Logwod.

Head on over to the games site and create an account now so on Wednesday, you can register for the Open without any hassle. Yes, you're doing it so get on it.

Reebok is coming to CFO on Thursday, February 2nd (throughout day) and they want to interview you. They want to sit down with some of our members that are partaking in the Open and ask them some questions. If you are doing the Open and are interested in sharing a few minutes with Reebok, we'd love for you to let us know (and no, we're not talking Stacie, Kyle, etc., we're talking you) and a good time of day we can schedule you. Thanks.

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18 Responses to "Monday 120130"

  1. Kayla Says:
  2. I'll definitely do it!
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. Sign Up....Done. Registration to come.

    Back to 6am today. Frank and I teamed up on DL and agreed we coulda/shoulda gone a little heavier on DL....220# maybe shoulda been 240....closer to the 60%.

    Speakin of shoulda.......scaled the Conditioning WOD to 3 CTBPU/8 Burpees and got an average of 16 squats per round for 112 reps. Clearly should have increased Burpees if not both. Next time.

    Hope this helps some of the later classes.

  5. bluejayRN Says:
  6. DL: 143 Each round got a little easier. Which is a good thing I think.

    Conditioning: I agree with Hilg, I may have scaled too much. I did 18 air squats every round except one which I did 17. Did 3 kipping pull-ups and 5 burpees. I should have done the full 8. After a couple rounds I realized this, but wanted to stay consistent the whole time.

    Good start to the week! Megan Mac you are one strong lady:) Way to go 5 am!!
  7. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  8. Squeezed this workout in along with an attempt at a push jerk 3RM... Hit 248... PR..

    DL... Did 229#

    Decided on no butterfly on the wod and did tight regular kipping instead and made sure no thigh or knee touch on Burpees... Slowed things down a little... Rxd... Hit 16-17 Air Squats each round...
  9. Jen Says:
  10. DL- 154

    Did 5C2B and 10 burpees which meant I didn't have much time for airsquats. I was shooting for 6 each round, got 7 once and then it dwindled from their. 29 ;(
  11. BigD Says:
  12. Registration done.

    Knocked this out a 5AM on base.
    After DLing the night before, decided to go at 57.5% of 1RM, so used 230. Wanted to keep the tempo like Ricky said.
    Worked real good.
    Went RX'd on the metcon, so my air squats were...
    13/10/10/11/10/7/5, grand total=66
    Burpees started good, but were the death of me in the later rounds.
    Good WOD!
    I'm down to be interviewed. I'll be there for the 5AM class, but can come back out later. As long as it's before 3PM, I'm good.
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. BTW-

    Did anyone notice the rock on Amanda's left hand as she demoed the dead lift today???

    Congrats Amanda! (On the engagement and the demo!)
  15. paul Says:
  16. Congrats, Amanda!!!
  17. paul Says:
  18. Great day. Pushed hard and definitely felt it.

    264 for all the DL. Felt pretty strong today, but it's hard to stay tight when you pull fast.

    rx'ed for conditioning, and got thorugh 89 air squats. This was brutal, but I had my mental game today and forced myself to keep pace. Lost a few reps on squat as time went on, but basically kept intensity high throughout. gave myself a headache doing this one.

    Nice to see the 4:30 folks!
  19. bluejayRN Says:
  20. Congratulations Amanda!!
  21. BigD Says:
  22. Congrats Amanda!
  23. MeganMcNamara Says:
  24. So happy for you Amanda!!!!'
  25. Paula Says:
  26. DL- 110#
    Decided to do 3 jumping pullups and 6 burpees, but was getting 16,16,15,15 AS for 4 rds, so I decided to increase burpees to 8 then my AS were 8,8,7 = 85 reps

    Nice to see you back Cari!! And a lot of new faces! Love it! Great work 6:30!!!

    CONGRATS AMANDA!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!
  27. Addi Says:
  28. Congratulations, Amanda!!

    And McNamara, I'm calling you out. 5 burpees?! :)

    DL - 176, which is just shy of 60% of what I'm guessing would be my current 1RM. Never worked with tempo before - I liked the way it made me really focus on lowering correctly. Good stuff.

    Did much better on the metcon than I expected. 6,8,8,7,7,5,6 for a total of 47. Not a stellar score, but solid for me! 3 weaknesses in one workout - I thought my burpees would just drop off after the 2nd or 3rd round, but managed to hold it together for the most part.
  29. Addi Says:
  30. Cari's back?! Welcome back, girl!! I knew you couldn't stay away forever...
  31. BC Says:
  32. MEONDA BREI!!!!!! Congratulations!

    164# for deadlifts.

    Conditioning was 4 C2B and 8 burpees, finished with 69 total air squats.

    For dinner tonight I decided to whip up a couple of big ol' steaks for me and Mrs Christ, because fuck yeah! Here's how I prepared them if you ever want to give it a go:

    Start with your preferred cut of meat (I used 2 1-inch thick sirloins). Let the steaks sit out for at least 30 minutes before you start cooking them, (letting them get to room temperature is ideal). Never cook a steak right out of the refrigerator. Only douches do that and your cow deserves better. I seasoned mine with kosher salt (mazel tov) and fresh ground black pepper.

    Sear them in a ton of coconut oil on high heat for between 1-2 minutes each side. (a cast iron skillet works best for this by the way)

    Throw some garlic cloves in the coco oil and then put the entire skillet in the oven and bake the steaks @ 400 degrees for 5 or so minutes for med rare.

    Take the steaks out of the oven, leave them in the skillet and let them sit for at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile take your now roasted garlic and mash them and mix them with your butter.

    After the 10 minutes is up put a mountain of garlic butter on each steak and throw them under the broiler for 3 minutes. When you take the skillet out of the oven don't set it down and then immediately grab the handle without an oven mit like I did. You won't like what happens to your hand.

    When they come out you should have steak house quality sides of meat with a perfect crust on the outside and tons of juice on the inside. As you have your steak-gasm I would appreciate it if you would call out my name. You're welcome.
  33. Stacie Says:
  35. Gdawg Says:
  36. BC reading that made my day, I took steaks out of the freezer this morning so thanks for the tips!

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