Monday 120109

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A. Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean x 1 x 7 (2 minute clock)

Warm-up working both movements individually and together. During work sets, do both movements without letting go of the bar. Increase weight each set if possible.

B. Handstand Walk x 20 feet (5 mats) x 4 (rest 1 minute b/w)

These must be unbroken to count as prescribed. Try for a shorter distance if needed but when you fall, the set is over (the key is consistent distance). If you can't do handstand walks, you may practice lateral walks on a wall or even simple handstand holds for time.

C. Strict Toes 2 Bar x 15 x 2 (rest as little as possible)

These must be unbroken and with no kip to count as prescribed otherwise use lower reps per set, do knees to elbows, replace with hollow rocks (20 reps).

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Another great close-up. This time of Mike Wesack during this past Saturday's retesting.

This is the face of _______________!

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13 Responses to "Monday 120109"

  1. JLeggs Says:
  2. Constipation. ;) JK Wesack! I'd go with "intensity".
  3. JLeggs Says:
  4. Constipation. ;) JK Wesack! I'd go with "intensity".
  5. Mike W Says:
  6. Lol! I was just telling Jill that you were standing in front of me and I couldn't wait to see what you were going to post on this pic!
    First I want to thank the CFO staff since my return from shoulder surgery. You all are always checking on my shoulder status and how I'm doing with different movements, "much appreciated" it's been a long haul but week by week it's getting stronger.
    "determination"....not to laugh at Joe Leggett while attempting to pass my prior 2rp max, in which I did :)
  7. Wes Says:
  8. " I got this"

  9. paul Says:
  10. "Good thing I didn't put any bumpers on this bar!"

    208 for the cleans, some VERY short lateral walks against the wall (maybe a foot before i lost my balance?), and TTBs rx'ed.

    Something tells me tomorrow is going to be brutal.
  11. Eric C Says:
  12. "determination"

    203 cleans
    HS walks Rx'd
    T2B Rx'd (Right Hira!?)

    Paul, I have absolutely no idea what's up for tomorrow, but we are getting into Fran season. And it's been a loooong time since we did the Filthy Fifty.

    I'm just say'n...
  13. Jen Says:
  14. worked up to 153 for the cleans. (Thanks Megan for just telling me to go for it).

    Handstand walks- went the distance.Felt good today. Tried to focus on form and keeping tight.

    T2B- These are getting better and stronger. My grip is the first thing to go!

    Fun Day!
  15. Jen Says:
  16. Good luck to Shelley and Megan for the WOD Club workout today!! FYI all- Shelley is tied for 3rd in this competition!!
  17. paul Says:
  18. attagirl, Shelley!!
  19. JonD Says:
  20. I haven't been posting here for awhile and should get back to it.

    Caption "sh*t my wrists are bent, I hope coach doesn't see it."

    Great work Mike, it is great to have you back and you are always one of the hardest workers in class! When he is in your class, just try and out work him!


    1 HPC 1 HSC

    Handstand Walks
    1- 15ft
    2- 10ft
    3- 5ft
    4- 10ft
    I did more since we had time and got the 20ft, I need to get it when it counts

    Toes 2 Bar
    Belly hurts after that one. Staying hollowed makes it ten times harder.

    Great noon class and glad to be back in the swing of things.
  21. Shelley Says:
  22. No Doubt! He looks confident.

    Thanks Jen and Paul. Just to clarify the openwod workouts, I'm in Master's Women so the first workout was different than it was for the Young Guns. Jen, Megan Mac and Addi are doing great, and it's a lot of fun!
  23. Shane Says:
  24. I liked this. The hang cleans actually pointed out to me some flaws in my regular (?) cleans.
    HS walks - a couple feet. Pretty short "walks" but I tried em.
    T2B - 10x2
  25. BC Says:
  26. 186 on cleans, very short wall walks and 5x2 KTEish.

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