Tuesday 111213

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In teams of 3, complete the following for time:
Row 4000 meters
300 Wall Balls, 20#/14#
50 Rope Climbs

Two people can be working out at any time but one of you must be rowing until all 4000 meters are gone. When someone isn't rowing, no one can be working out. That includes the time changing to a new rower. Wall balls and rope climbs can be interchanged back and forth as desired.

If there needs to be 4 on a team, the numbers are 5500/400/65. If two on a team, 2500/200/33.

There is a 30 minute cut-off to this workout. Ask questions in comments if you have any.

Post team members and time/work finished to comments/Logwod.

Three different positions overhead. The first is correct, the second shows either a weak core/mid-line or a weak ability to stabilize that core/mid-line, and the third, very immobile/tight shoulders. (Click the pic to enlarge.)

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6 Responses to "Tuesday 111213"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 25:45 Rx'd.

    Great job Matt and Dave Paladino! We rowed 750-800 meters at a time give or take (cycled thru a total of 5 times) and alternated the wall balls and rope climbs where whoever was doing wall balls did 5-10 reps (usually) and then the other person did 1 rope climb and kept alternating that way. This seemed to work pretty well.

    Great job 5 a.m.!!!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Teamed up with Vanessa and Tim and we got through this in about 28:00 even. It got pretty tough, especially the rope climbs (of course). Nice work, team! and the rest of 6am, too!
  5. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  6. Messed around with some stuff today...

    * 1:30 Clock *
    5X5 - Approach Box Jump - As High As Possible
    38.5", 41", 43.5", 47", 48.5"

    Weighted Muscle Up
    * 1 EA Min For 10 Mins..
    Never Done This So Didn't Know What To Expect.. Went 7#-25# With No Misses Then Tried 30# The Last Set & Missed

    Main Site Variation:
    15 DB Pwr Snatch Left (55#)
    15 GH Sit Ups
    15 DB Pwr Snatch Right (55#)
    15 Toes 2 Bar
    1 RD, Then Rest 1 Minute X 3 X
    1st - 2:45
    2nd - 2:40
    3rd - 2:55
    Total Time - 10:20
  7. Eric C Says:
  8. Garrett (aka 'Gary') and Andy G and I took our best shot.

    23:02 at a pretty steady pace. We ended up with 30 wall balls at the end to finish the workout.

    Garrett beasted out with 1200m to start off on the rower and Andy put on a rope climbing clinic. Those guys kicked some ass....
  9. jakeH Says:
  10. 20:07 rx'd with Jon D and Bob S.

    The plan was that I start on the rower, while Jon and Bob alternate between wall balls and rope climbs. I rowed to 2500 meters and stopped. Jon and Bob had 120 wall balls and 22 rope climbs done in that time. Bob and Jon split the remaining 1500 row and we all knocked out the remaining reps.

    I think it was a good approach to this workout. Getting a huge portion of the row and rope climbs out of the way was crucial. Nice work Jon and Bob.
  11. Dave Paladino Says:
  12. I am actually starting think I could come to like rope climbs and rowing. I found out today that I like longer rows

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