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Clean & Jerk 4-4-4-4 reps

Following a 3.5 minute clock, perform 4 full clean and jerks for 4 sets. Go up in weight each time if you can. The clean is a squat clean and the jerk is a split jerk.


Max Consecutive Handstand Push ups (1 minute cut-off)

Rest 30 seconds, then 2 rounds for time of.....

20 DB Power Cleans (below the knee)
20 DB Front Squats
20 DB Push Presses
20 DB Thrusters
20 DB Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges (10 ea arm)

At the top of every minute, including to start the workout, perform 4 DB Burpees. This is where you do a push up holding onto the DB's and as you come up, jump in the air holding the DB's at your side.

Post C&J weight, hspu reps, conditioning time and weight to comments/Logwod.

Mike Wesack, Joe, and Joe Leggett at this past Saturday's CFO/Open Door Mission Project Santa toy drive and competition. A big thanks goes out to all those that participated. We couldn't have done it without you.

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10 Responses to "Monday 111219"

  1. Paula Says:
  2. C&J- 92#
    Metcon- 130reps with 15# DB...a lot tougher than it looked!! The burpees actually felt like a rest period. Shoulders got tired quick!

    Joe, surprised to see you this am! Great job 5am'ers!!! Good times as always!
  3. svioli Says:
  4. C&J - 82#

    Metcon - 160 reps. Used 15# DB's up until the thrusters - then lower back issues, so moved to 10#.
  5. paul Says:
  6. I'm still sweating from this bad boy. I'm so glad I didn't look at the blog last night. I would've had nightmares about this one. Even at 20# it was pretty tough.

    C&J: 132, 154, 164, 176.
    Metcon: 6 thrusters into rd. 2 with 20# DBs.

    Nice work, 9am crew!
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. Letting wrist rest so I did:

    3x5 back squat: 198,220,235. I focused on keeping chest up and getting proper depth on squat. I did these on a 3 minute clock.

    Metcon: 5 rounds of:
    15 box jumps (24")
    15 air squats
    15 walking lunges

  9. BigD Says:
  10. Only had time to do the C&Js on base this morning. Went off what was originally posted and did 3 sets of 5 instead of 4 sets of 4. My bad. Only got up to 135 for the last set.
    Will knock out the HSPU and metcon on Thursday.
  11. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  12. Following Greg Everett's program from catalyst in order to bring my clean up along with throwing some heavy pulling in once per week...

    Full Snatch 4X3 - Hit 185
    Snatch Pulls 3X4 - 208-229
    Back Pause Squat - 4X4 - Just 225#
    GH Sit Ups X10
    Weighted Bk Extensions X20,15,20,5
    (BW, 25, 45, 70#)

    Power Snatch + Full Snatch X4X2
    145, 155, 165X2
    Power Clean + Power Jerk - 198-208
    Christmas Workout From The Midwest Throwdown
    * Just Like The Song.. Start At 1
    1 Power Snatch (95#)
    2 Ring Dips
    3 Burpees
    4 Pull Ups
    5 Toes 2 Bar
    6 HR Push Ups
    7 Air Squats
    8 Lunge Jumps
    9 Box Jumps (20")
    10 Wall Ball Throws
    11 DB Swings (55#)
    12 Thrusters (95#)
    * 13:45 *
    - Last Round Thru It All Was Tough, Otherwise Not Too Bad...
  13. ZachR Says:
  14. C&J: 176, 186, 196, 201
    Metcon: 10 Power Cleans into round 2 with 25# DB's...because there were no more 20# DB's left :)

    That metcon was very tough and I was really happy it was only 10 minutes.
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. Me and Jake made Sweat Angels.....wheeeee. lol

    Wow....ass kicker...nuff said.

    Finished with 164 on Clean and Jerk....felt good.

    Did 140 reps (sans Burpees) and was totally gassed at the end of round 1. Killa.

  17. jakeH Says:
  18. Worked with Bob S. today. Started @ 154, 169, 179, 198. Maybe could have gone a bit heavier, but my sciatic nerve is still radiating pain from the dead-lifts last Wednesday. Nice work Bob.

    Used 25# DB's for conditioning and finished @ 9:58.
    I wasn't feeling so hot after that. Kind of laid on the ground and moaned, while Brian suggested we make sweat angels. That workout was twice as bad as the Air Force WOD we did at sectionals.

    Great Big noon class today and super fun.
  19. Crystal Says:
  20. 99# for C&J. wish i would have gone up 5 more pounds. really worked on the split form for the jerk today.

    20# db's for metcon. 47 reps. should have gone lighter. died off quickly and lost all motivation on this one. i didn't want to move anymore.

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