Friday 111230

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Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Warm-up using a rep scheme of x5(EB) x5 x5 x3 x2. The clock will be set to 2.5 minutes so work quick at changing weights and be sure to spot appropriately at all times.


For time:
12 Muscle ups
24 DB Thrusters, 50#/40#
48 Power Cleans, 115#/87#
Walking Lunges, 96 steps
192 Double Unders

If you do not have muscle-ups, shoot for 36 pull ups and 36 dips. If you do not have dips (no bands), substitute diamond push ups.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

Gabe tries to get some Neil love.

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4 Responses to "Friday 111230"

  1. Jen Says:
  2. 162 for bench and then 17:40 for the metcon. Did everything Rx'd, but did bar MUs instead of the rings. Those darn DB thrusters were tough. I had to break those up a lot.

    Great job Cam- nice benching with you.
  3. Kat Says:
  4. Was at 186 double unders when time was called so I just finished my reps. 18:08 rx'd
    It was my first workout ever that I had 12 muscle ups in a row. Got them under 4:30 min. Broke up thrusters twice. Cleans were all singles but the last 5 were unbroken.
    This is a black lung wod for me! Stupid allergies! One of my favorite wods ever tho!
  5. bluejayRN Says:
  6. Epic bench press fail for me. Bench is a weak link, but it was extra weak today. I still have some holiday celebration purging to do from my body. 97# sad, but true.

    15:39 on the metcon, option B. I did jumping pull-ups, but should have pushed myself a bit and done kipping. I'm still babying my shoulder a bit, not sure when to push it and when to hold back.

    Looking forward to getting back on track with life next weak.
  7. Paula Says:
  8. Bench-135#, failed at 140# on last set. I realized today that my 1 rep max on my bench is only about 25# less than my 1 RM on BS last week. What's up with that? Pretty pathetic! I obviously need to work a lot on lower body strength.

    Metcon-Option B- 13:47. Did kipping pullups. 20# DB thrusters, broke up once. 77# PC. DU's sucked today! The most I was able to string together was 7. Pathetic. It seems as though pathetic is my word of the day.

    Great job 5am!!! Doug, you killed those DU's!

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