Wednesday 111109

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Dead-lift - Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes complete three true dead-lifts (absolutely no bounce/restart every pull). Start at 70% of your 1RM and continue to add weight when desired. Come to the gym with a plan (do your math at home). If you do not have a 1RM, start at a moderate weight and work your way up as needed.


Five rounds for time of:
30 Burpees
Rest 1 minute

Score is total time including rest (exactly 60 seconds rest is mandatory).

Post heaviest dead-lift and conditioning score to comments/Logwod.

Approach your training as such.....

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14 Responses to "Wednesday 111109"

  1. JonD Says:
  2. That was the picture that the sketch artist drew up of me when my neighbor said someone stole her cat and that is what they came up with. I don't think it looks like me but lets just say I have one more cat than I did a day ago.

    Go Movember!
  3. pmohs Says:
  4. ^^^ Id believe it!
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. I was salivating when I saw the DL part of this WOD, and then I saw the burpees and was instantly deflated.

    307# for last set of 3.

    I started with 229# for 2 sets, then moved to 253# for 2 sets. From there, I moved up 10-12 pounds each set, staying twice at one of those increases, ending with 307#. DL's felt good.

    13:23 Rx'd on metcon. I did first round in 1:34, after that each round took just under 2 minutes (not including rest). I just tried to keep moving knowing rest was coming. Burpees just suck period.

    Great job 5 a.m.!!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Amazing work on the DL, Shelley!

    I started with 308# and got up to 328#. My back wasn't my friend today.

    13:25 rx'ed on burpees. Broke it up into 13,10,7 each round. My chest and arms will be mighty sore tomorrow.
  9. svioli Says:
  10. DL's @ 126# for the final 3. My lower back is always an issue first thing in the morning!

    12:39 doing 25 burpees each round. why oh why do they suck so much! I probably could have done 30 each round and should have.

    I'm glad the 5 am class is growing - great energy!
  11. bluejayRN Says:
  12. Darn it, class is interfering with my deadlifts today!

    I'll be doing the burpee metcon this evening.

    Sounds like everyone is kicking a$$ with the deadlifts today! Nice work.

    Jon, it is true, the mustache makes the man awesome! It is the shaving of the stache that makes you stellar! With time you will be stellar.
  13. Jen Says:
  14. 224 DL and 13:48 for those damn burpees.
  15. Crystal Says:
  16. great job this morning 9am.

    169 for DL today. really wanted to concentrate on form. I tend to do a lot of rounding of my upper back. worked on keeping chest up and arch in lower back. my weight were: 154-154-164-164-169 (for remainder of time)

    DNF on burpees today, even scaled using 25 reps. made it thru 4 full rounds. although my burpee form has greatly improved i always gas out so fast on them.
  17. Paula Says:
  18. Trying to figure out where my strength and endurance are after being off for a while. My last 1RM was 220# (154# -70%), so I started with 110-120-125-130 and ended with 135#. Probably could have gone a little heavier, but at least I have a better idea where I'm at as far as strength.

    Now burpees....11:29 scaled with 20's which I'm pretty happy with. I could have/should have done 25's, but again figuring out endurance.

    I love the 9am time. Got to sleep in...was able to get my 8 hrs...+1 for the nutrition challenge! Yeah! Doesn't happen very often!

    Nice work 9am'ers!!!
  19. Paula Says:
  20. BTW...there is an article on the games website on Phillip Kniep on his 2011 games experience and preparing for 2012 including training with Ricky.
  21. Danny Says:
  22. 308# for all ten sets on DL. Form was struggling the last couple sets.

    12:47 rx'd for the burpees

    Jon, this picture makes me think we should dedicate a month to mullets....
  23. Sherv Says:
  24. 264# across for deadlifts. Wanted to make sure my form didn't break down. Felt pretty solid, but still tough towards the end.

    13:40 for burpees (rounds of 25). Glad I scaled b/c I don't think I would have finished sets of 30. Just keep moving, right?

  25. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  26. Off day but wanted a confidence builder wod..

    Main Site
    30 Clean & Jerks (135#)
    - 1:45... Think Thats A 10 sec PR

    Thinking CFO Burpee Wod Tonight... Feeling More Motivated Now ;)
  27. hannah eileen Says:
  28. I told Joe this during class, but it was as if this WOD was created just to spite me. I loathe these two movements. Luckily, since I'm a dummy (and forgot a sportsbra), I only had to do DL. I ended up with 147#. However, I knew I was going to do light weight since my DL have felt crappy for the last, I don't know, 3 years. I really tried to concentrate on my form and they felt good until about the 7th round and my old lady hip started acting up. While 5:30 was powering through their burpees, I decided to roll out to aid in my recovery. Great work and heart at 5:30!

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