Tuesday 111108

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For max reps:
5 minutes of Rowing (calories)
4 minutes of Straight Legged Sit ups
3 minutes of Rope Climbs
2 minutes of Overhead Squat, 88#/63#
1 minute of Pull ups

This workout will run like Fight Gone Bad. There will be six stations for every movement. The first six people will begin on the rower and the next six will not start until they have moved on to the sit ups.

An ab mat will be allowed for sit ups but the legs must remain fully extended at all times (no anchors). Touch the shoulder blades and hands to the floor then sit up and touch the toes. Rope climbs are chin above rafter and walk down rope until hands pass below marker.

Scale as needed.

Post total reps to comments/Logwod.

We have released this design on Facebook for preorders and now we're releasing it here. This is our new logo. We will maintain the wings/shield logo to some respect but what you see here is what we will predominately use from here on out. The hooded zip up comes in both a man's and woman's fit whereas the track jacket is unisex (fitted). The cost is $40 per.

These make perfect Christmas gifts and what other way to help us show the gym off around town than to flood the city with them. Help us spread the CFO word. Thanks.

Post to comments or email me if you'd like one (or many).

The next strength class starts next Monday, November 14th at 7:30pm. If you are interested in taking the class, you must register this Friday. Depending on how many are interested, I may open it up to 12 people.

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13 Responses to "Tuesday 111108"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 213 reps Rx'd

    83 cals
    87 situps
    4 rope climbs
    29 OHS
    10 pullups

    This was tough but fun. Rowing felt steady/strong, situps unbroken but you definitely have to keep your entire body tight to keep your legs from coming up.

    I still use my arms too much on rope climbs. OHS were broken up 12/13/4. I should not have set the bar down more than once as it's so hard to pick it back up. Pullups were the most surprising as I thought I would get more.

    Great job 5 a.m.!!
  3. paul Says:
  4. 243 reps rx'ed. this was indeed tough! one mistake it would be easy to make is to try to keep up with Reba. I felt pretty good right up until pullups, and then suddenly I had no breath.
  5. Sherv Says:
  6. 229 reps, 74# OHS.
    100 cal
    85 su
    5 rope climbs
    30 ohs
    9 pullups

    Felt really good today. Tough workout, but I feel like I had more energy and put up some good numbers (for me). Better than yesterday anyway. It was nice to have the rotation going too. Good to cheer and be cheered while working. Great job 6am!

  7. Jen Says:
  8. 70 cals
    105 sit ups
    6 rope climbs
    40 OHS
    12 pull ups

    233 reps. Need to work on rope climbs. I used my arms way to much. PUs were the toughest. I had nothing left.
  9. Eric C Says:
  10. 85 calories (it could have been a little higher, but I didn't get a final reading when I got off) Ooops!
    94 sit ups
    5 rope climbs
    25 OHS
    18 pullups.

    227 reps

    Paul, If you could list your reps like this, I would appreciate it. I want to know how you CRUSHED this one! Nice job.
  11. BigD Says:
  12. 215 total this morning.
    Fun WOD!
  13. paul Says:
  14. Okay, Eric, but just for you (and thanks for the props, bro!)

    93 cal
    109 situps
    5 climbs
    21 OHS
    15 pullups

  15. Danny Says:
  16. 96 cal
    79 su
    6 climbs
    27 ohs
    19 pu

    227 total

    I think I could have scored a little better if I skipped the 6th rope climb and used the energy elsewhere.
  17. tina Says:
  18. need to work on lat strength and ohs

    62 cal
    75 su
    1 climb
    10 ohs @43#
    7 negs
  19. BC Says:
  20. 195 total reps using 33.6 kg (aka 74# - after being called out by Addi I have to stick with kilos from now on) for OHS. My goal was 200+ and the only reason I didn't make it was because I pretty much screwed the pooch on rowing. I got 70 calories, but I stopped with a good 40 seconds, maybe more, left thinking that would help me bust out more situps. I know better than to try to game it that much. Oh well. Nice work 6am.
  21. JennG Says:
  22. 201 total reps

    *75 cals
    *100 sit-ups
    *1 full rope climb and another that didn't quite get chin over rafter before I lost my grip so I didn't count it..then I scaled to pulling from the floor...3, up & down
    *20 OHS w/53#
    *2 strict pull ups with blue & red. 3rd one just couldn't finish it..held chin just below bar until time
  23. lynn Says:
  24. 185

    60 cals on row - need to improve form. I think I work faster and produce less.
    90 sit ups
    3 rope climbs
    22 OH squats
    10 pulls ups

    All and all I was pretty happy as I used a thinner band than I have in the past. Long ways to go but I'll get there.
  25. Laura Says:
  26. 195 total reps

    66 cals on row
    98 situps
    6 rope climbs
    15 OH squats...Realized after the WOD that I grabbed the wrong bar for these. I only did 58 lbs. I meant to go Rx'd.
    10 pullups

    Loved this WOD!

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