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Pistols (one-legged squats)

Pick one or any combination of the following and perform 100 reps (combined).

True pistols
Pistols w/ a 5# plate under the heel
Pistols w/ a 15# dumbbell held out in front
Pistols w/ a Roll
Pistols to 2 stacked red bumpers
Pistol negatives w/ a Roll (come up on two feet)
Pistol negatives w/ a Roll attempt

You have 20 minutes to play around. Use as many sets as needed and alternate legs as you please. If you have pistols (can go prescribed in a workout), use the pistol w/ a roll progression only.


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 132#/99#
Strict, Dead-hang Pull ups

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

If you haven't seen it already......... The Copier

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25 Responses to "Wednesday 111102"

  1. Abby Banks Says:
  2. I am so happy I watched this video... for the second time.
  3. Gdawg Says:
  4. simply stunning.
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. Pistols starting out with 5# plate under heel, switched to 2.5# plate and was able to keep heel flat with that. I then tried true pistols but my heel still comes up slightly. I did true pistols with weightlifting shoes which were easy compared to the 2.5# plate, but this doesn't help me much if running is also part of a workout.

    DNF metcon Rx'd. At the 12 minute cutoff I made it through 1 pullup in round of 9; Amanda gave us 2 more minutes, but I could only manage 5 more pullups.

    Thrusters unbroken in round of 21 and 9. I broke up round of 15 once after 9 reps. These felt really good, and I felt pretty fresh with these even going into last round. Strict pullups were tough; I started out with 3 sets of 2, and after that, they were all singles with increasing rest time in between each one. First round alone took me 4 minutes just to get 21 and just over 4 minutes to get 15.

    Great job Sue on the pistols!!

    Good working out with the 5 a.m. group again.
  7. Nick Says:
  8. Awesome trailer. The moustache sold it. Haha!
  9. svioli Says:
  10. Love the movie, although Jon looks like a porn star with that 'stache....

    I did well on pistols (I think my years of gymnastics helps), but had to scale a lot on the conditioning. 53# then pullups with 3 small bands, finishing in 11:00. I hope to be as strong as Shelley someday!

    Love the 5 AM class!
  11. Hilg Says:
  12. Digging the new format for days like today.

    Did somewhere between 80-100 pistols.....didn't start counting until after the first 30 or so. Did strict on the right leg and used 5-10 lb plates to counter the left leg as it's weaker. I couldn't do these at all until I tried a alb weight last week and could do them. Did my first strict ones today! Go figure.

    11:20 on the Metcon with 110# and 5/3/1 stricts with the balance in Negatives/2. Audi is my hero.....way to tackle those 132lbers!!

  13. Sherv Says:
  14. Worked on pistols with 2 red plates underneath and holding a 5 pound plate. Tried to just make contact with the bumpers and push back up. Easier with the right leg than the left. Just need to keep working on the strength of this movement. 13:08 on the METCON with 120# thrusters.

    I like the new programming so far, but it seems like we're running a little long. Maybe 15 minutes of pistol work would have been enough. Just thinking out loud...

  15. paul Says:
  16. After 3 days, I'm prepared to say that I really like this programming!

    Worked up to getting pistols on both legs with a 15# DB. PR! I think I have a ways to go before I'll be able to do these without the weight for balance, but I'm happy with the progress!

    metcon: DNF rx'ed. should've scaled the thrusters. I haven't done them in a long time and they were bothering my right wrist. Elbow was okay, though. Got through 6 of the 9 thrusters. Thanks for counting those for me, Eric!
  17. Eric C Says:
  18. Nice to be back with the 6amers today. Stretched the CRAP out of my ankle dorsiflexion before doing these and it helped immensely. Got a couple of strict ones each leg eventually. Worked a lot of reps with 15#, 10# or 5# weights.

    10:27 metcon with 110#. First WOD in a week, so I was not messing around with 132# thrusters. No way. Nice job Audi. Way to go for it!

    I like Sherv's comment. I would much rather get done a few minutes early than a few minutes late. Minutes are precious in the am.
  19. BigD Says:
  20. Loved the movie. I'm having visions of "Office Space". Looking forward to doing this one tomorrow. Made up Monday's on base today. Only got 135 up on snatch balance. Obviously something I need to work on.
    Went RX'd (actually, 135, but what's 3 pounds) on the metcon. Finished in 8:45.
    Hate when work keeps me away, but at least the base has an area I can do the WODs in now. But it is defintely no substitute for CFO!
  21. Nick Says:
  22. Didn't do the pistols this morning, and I also modified the wod. Still nursing a knee injury and haven't been in to CFO in a month. Went Rx'd on weight but did push press instead of thrusters. Didn't time and I'm glad id didn't because it was sloooooow.
  23. Addi Says:
  24. Holy hell, those thrusters were heavy!! 21 unbroken, Shelley?! You're a stud.

    Had a lot of fun with the pistols -my hips have been pissed this week, so I was happy they were cooperating. Did plenty of strict, some rolling, some with pvc overhead, and got a few standing on a kettlebell handle. Though they weren't nearly as pretty as Jen S.'s. I started counting but lost track early. Like, before 10.

    DNFed the metcon - 2 of the 9 pullups at the 14 min mark. Thrusters got better as the workout went on, but they were NOT unbroken. Sets of no more than 5, but mostly 3s. It was heavy as hell, but mostly I just wasn't in it mentally. Could have pushed those more in the beginning.
  25. Shelley Says:
  26. Really Addi?!! Pistols while standing on a kettlebell handle?!! WTF!!

    Seriously, I would give up a little bit of strength to have some skills..........

    On a different note, I do wish more people posted. Maybe the new whiteboard posting that Ricky talked about will help with seeing people's progress/goals, etc. I admit I also compare myself to others in the gym (I think competiveness is healthy) and have an idea most of the time of where I might fall on that day based on what the workout is. I also keep track of my past performances so I know if I'm progressing or not so I'm not just competing with others but myself too.

    A goal of mine is to make the CFO Regional team and then keep my spot for the World games. I don't mind saying that publicly (it's not a secret anyway), but I also know I need to pick it up on my weaknesses for this to even happen.

    Open is less than 4 months away I believe.
  27. Crystal Says:
  28. awesome job 9am! i'm really loving this class time.

    pistols were fun (can't believe i said that). warmed up on the 2 red bumper plates. then messed around with 2.5# plate under heel, since i had my lifting shoes on. i was most succesful with the 15# dumb bell and was able to do the pistols (no plate under heel). i didn't keep count.

    13:25 for WOD. did 21-15-9 thrusters at 58# and 9-6-3 of strict deadhang pullups. these are both weaknesses for me and really liked the combination today.
  29. Jen Says:
  30. I'm actually posting! (just for you Shelley) :)

    Pistols were fun. Did a couple on the Kettle Bell and then a couple more the the green bumper overhead.

    12:00 for the Metcon, but I scaled the thrusters to 87. The pull ups felt pretty good and I managed to do the 21-15-9 rep scheme. I switched my grip up a bit and that helped.
  31. Jen Allison Says:
  32. I cannot wait to try out this new programming! This looks great - I'll be back in on Friday and I hope to have a more consistent schedule from here on out. Here's hoping!

    Also, pistols ON a KB, Addi?! Impressive.
  33. Jeremy Says:
  34. Pistols went much better than expected today. My right knee has been giving me issues and was pretty much set on just doing negatives. After a little encouragement and trying a 2.5# plate under my foot I found that I could do them pretty easily. Without the plate I have balance issues but I can still do them. Also the right knee felt much better than expected.

    As for the conditioning portion Ricky had me do the FRAN workout. All I can say is I have a long way to go. Finished in 8:35 I was not at my best today energy wise but that is no excuse I just need to keep working hard to improve myself. My goal is to SOMEDAY do a sub 5:00 FRAN.
  35. Abby Banks Says:
  36. Did 2 "true pistols" on each leg every minute. The last two minutes were rough but I was so excited to be able to do these consistently!

    Did "Fran" instead of strict pullups - First time with thrusters and was happy with 58#. Also, first time actually kipping in a workout. I usually end up doing negatives or jumping pullups. Progress!!!! Makes me so happy!

    Great job nooners!
  37. jakeH Says:
  38. Messed around with pistols today, but did more talking than work. Used a 15# dumbell, did some negatives, and a couple with the roll. I have much to improve on with this movement.

    8:38 rx'd for the WOD. Thrusters were unbroken on the 21 and the 9, but the set of 15 was 9 and 6. The pull ups were rough today. I missed quite a few reps because my arms were exhausted. The thrusters weren't as bad as anticipated. I followed Joe's suggestion and used a wider grip like Rick does (half way between rack position and push press position). Seemed to help.
  39. Danny Says:
  40. I toyed around with a little of everything on pistols, but mostly used a 15# dumbell to counterbalance. Definitely a skill that I need to work on.

    12:45 rx'd on the metcon. I split up the thrusters more than I should have. The last round and a half of pull ups were very slow for me.
  41. Erica Says:
  42. Pistols felt a lot better today than the other week in the WOD, I'm actually much more balanced, used a weight for most of them and did some rolls. I have problems standing them back up strength-wise, i usually have to put my foot back down half-way, so guess I need to do some more squats!!

    11:13 on the metcon. Did 63# thrusters and tan band pullups. These felt pretty good, need to keep working on my strict pull ups for sure.

    Also, I agree with Corey and Eric, I love love love the new programing, but it'd be nice to get done on time in the morning. Not sure if that means shaving off a couple of minutes on the skill work or making the WOD shorter, but need those precious minutes at 7am!!
  43. paul Says:
  44. Would it work to do skill work after a metcon? that way, those who have time can hang around a little longer, and those who can't can get some of the benefit without staying late. I guess it would depend on what the metcon and the skill work were. I think it could've worked today.
  45. Troy Says:
  46. Worked on all sorts of pistol variations, I really like the skill work time.

    The workout was humbling, I do not have strict pull ups so I did negatives and kept the thrusters heavy and went down in reps.

    Ended up doing 9-6-3-3-1 with 60K and negative pull ups. I was going to do 9-6-3 and then I got done to quick.
  47. Steve Says:
  48. 20 minutes on pistols may have been a bit long... after 15 minutes there wasn't much strength left in the quads. Worked on trying to hold something over my head during the squats- pvc, trainer plate or medball.

    11:something on the wod using 88lbs and 21-15-9 strict.
  49. Laura Says:
  50. Worked on balancing at the bottom of the pistol the majority of the time. Also tried a few roles. Not able to come up without assistance.

    11:something on the WOD using 63# for thrusters and tan band for pull ups. Did 9-6-3 for pull ups.

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