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For time:
100 Pull ups
? Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Air Squats

Why the question mark for push ups? Here's the catch. Even though you have to finish all the pull ups, how many you can do in one unbroken set will determine how many push ups you have in the workout.

The scale works like this: Pull ups 1-2-3.....100 to Push ups 100-99-98.....1. For example, if you can do 30 unbroken pull ups to start the workout, you still have to complete the last 70 but when you get to push ups, you only have 70. Make sense?

There is a 20 minute cut-off to this workout so scale accordingly, both for intensity and safety.

Post push up reps and time to comments/Logwod.

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19 Responses to "Tuesday 111122"

  1. Nick Says:
  2. Thanks to all the people that sampled my whey protein post-workout drink after the 5:30 class! The product is from my company, Proven Nutrition, and it is called "Evolve". It has 23 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of glutamine per scoop...not bad. Anyways, it is $39 per jug and it will last you a month. I can have it to you the next business day in most instances and it comes in chocolate or vanilla. Let me know if you would like to purchase it by emailing me at or tell Ricky and he can put together an order. Thanks CFO!

  3. bluejayRN Says:
  4. Sweet challenge. My shoulder is not quite ready for pull ups. Ricky, any suggestions for a modification of this workout I could do at home?

    Have fun with Barbara-ish!
  5. Ricky Frausto Says:
  6. Can't come in Kristina? If you can, you should because it would be better for a coach to watch you workout.

    If you can't, I would try jumping pull ups, or then inverted pull ups (ring rows), maybe even just scaled strict pull ups.

    For everyone else, look back at your workout logs (you have one right?) and see if you've ever done 100 pull ups in a workout. Doesn't have to be consecutive either. Maybe it was 5 rounds of 20 or something along those lines. What about 75? 50? If you haven't, this shouldn't be the workout where you finally do.

    Unless you want to have a hurt shoulder. Be smart about this working out people. It's a lifelong progression. You'll get there, just have patience.
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. Ricky, I wish I could but my little guy is sick and I have to work. I will do my best to get a similar WOD in later tonight. Thanks for the ideas!
  9. paul Says:
  10. DNF rx'ed, but I'm glad i went for it. 100 pullups, 70 pushups, 100 situps, 56 squats. So close. Just needed to carve off a minute somewhere in there. Haven't done more than 12-15 pullups in a row in a really long time, so i was glad to get 30 and still be able to do the other 70 in sets of 7.

    great work, 6am!
  11. Troy Says:
  12. DNF'd with the scaling A option, 22 pull ups on the first set, so 58 push ups, 80 sit ups, and made it to 65 squats. When I started squats I had exactly 80 seconds, kept pace for the first 40 but couldn't keep it up.

    Definitely a good workout.
  13. Jen Says:
  14. 19:29 Rx'd- I did 80 PU's. I just went for it to see if I could finish it with the 100 rep scheme. Thank God for 20 less push ups.
  15. BigD Says:
  16. 18:15 RX'd. Got 26 pullups unbroken to start. Was shooting for 30+, but I'll take it. Plan was get each movement done in less than 5 minutes, but the pullups threw that off. Took around 7-something to finish those, so luckily the other movements went pretty fast. Thought my legs were going to fall off after the squats!
    Awesome job 5AMers!
  17. Crystal Says:
  18. DNF-option A. didn't pick good scaling today. damn pushups.
  19. Jeremy Says:
  20. DNF not my best day thought I could do Rx'd and boy was I wrong. Got 100 pullups in about 10 min which I figured it would take. The pushups took longer than I expected got all 90 and could only muster 80 of the situps. It's days like this that remind me I still have a ways to go. Just more motivation to keep working hard and to not be afraid to scale when needed.
  21. Danny Says:
  22. 18:08 Rx'd

    Got 30 pu's unbroken. I did sets of 5 after that and tried to limit rest time.

    10 sets of 7 on push ups, felt pretty solid

    Sit ups kicked my ass for some reason

    Squats unbroken
  23. Allison H :) Says:
  24. I did not die today as I had anticipated.
    I have not done any crossfit since FGB so today I scaled to option D which was 50 reps of each movement.
    I did not scale any movements, but decided to work on form (especially push ups) and just try to find my old pace and survive this one!

    so it went
    50 kipping pull ups (got first 10 in a row)
    40 strict push ups (-10 from 10 in a row above)
    50 ab mat sit ups
    50 air squats

    Took most of my time doing pull ups and push ups... felt good to still be able to do kipping pull ups after 3 months!
    Was great too see everyone at noon! Working out with you guys is always an inspiration! Miss CFO so much!!!
  25. Steve Says:
  26. Welcome back Jim.

    DNF for me, rx'd. 40 reps short on the air squats... just 30 more seconds was all I needed.

    Here's hoping tmrw's strength/skill WOD requires no strength and minimal skill.
  27. JLeggs Says:
  28. DNF'ed RX. Only got to 67 situps when time expired. Gutted it out and finished anyway...after about 60 seconds of rest...26:40. Got 30 pullups unbroken though! A PR for me! Air squats killed.
  29. ZachR Says:
  30. DNF rx'd

    only 94 squats short...almost made it! 25 pullups to start but even 75 pushups destroyed me.

    I definitely should have scaled to 80 at the most.
  31. Paula Says:
  32. 13:07...super scaled due to the lack ability of kipping pull-ups. So, I had to do 60 reps of pull-ups (10rds of 1 neg, 2 swings, and 3 jumping). Then I did 60 strict pushups...broke up 15, 10, 5's the eventually 2's and 3's. I broke up sit-ups once and squats two or three times.
    My back/lats are already sore from doing this at 5am.

    I WILL get those damn pull-ups! I need to take those lessons from Tony Robbins!!!! I must believe or have certainty that I can do these!

    Nice work to all you 5am'ers!!!
  33. Shelley Says:
  34. 16:59 Option A (80 pullups, 58 pushups, 80 situps, 80 squats). I got 22 pullups in a row. After that, I never got more than 5 in a row and I had a lot of sets of 2 or 3 and even some singles at the end. It took me 7:23 to get through 80 pullups and at 12:30 I was through 58 pushups. I paused once on situps and squats were unbroken. Pushups were the worst part of this WOD, and squats were the best.

    This did give me more confidence on stringing more reps together for pullups before coming off the bar, but I had hoped to be able to do sets of 5 after that. Pushups have been better before; started with sets of 5 but quickly went to sets of 3, then 2, and even some singles.

    Good work 5:30!!
  35. bluejayRN Says:
  36. I love reading the blog! How cool it is to workout with such amazing athletes!

    Great work everyone!!
  37. hannah eileen Says:
  38. holy buckets. I hate Angie, ish or not. I skipped pullups since I couldn't grip anything and went straight to pushups and was going to do 100 of the other 3 movements. HA! Who was I kidding? 60 pushups took me 11+ minutes so I called it good there. I did 100 situps and squats and finished in 19:13.

    Great work, as usual, 5:30!

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