Saturday 111112

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In two teams:

AMRAP in 22 minutes of:
Bench Press at 88#/64#
200 Meter Runs
Wall Balls at 14#/12#
Toes 2 Bar
Front Squat at 110#/77#

Divide the gym into two teams with as equal a number of guys and gals on each team as possible. Each team receives two racks, one for bench press and one for squatting and enough bumpers for each rack to make either of the prescribed weights listed above. You also get a wall ball at both 14# and 12#.

Anyone on your team can perform any of the movements but they must be prescribed weights (no scaling). Only three people on your team can be working out at one time and one of those persons must be running at all times. You can change who that is whenever you want but someone must always be running or no one can be working out on the other movements.

The goal is to amass more reps than the other team on all movements.

Post team name, members, and total reps to comments.

What is your favorite cheat meal? The one thing you know you can't have that often but when you do, this is it.

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9 Responses to "Saturday 111112"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Man, that picture says it all for me. Give me pizza for a cheat meal any day! Be it Godfather's, Papa Murphy's, or a frozen pizza like Tony's, nothing is better than pizza for a cheat meal. Now I'm hungry.....
  3. lynn Says:
  4. Chips with salsa and guac! I can eat that at every meal.
  5. paul Says:
  6. Cheat meals? Where do I start. Beer and popcorn come to mind.

    Awesome workout this morning. Well done, team! My team was Erica, Sue, Joe, Andrew, and Jon. I got 272 reps, and as a team we got over 1200 (not sure of the exact number). Fun stuff!
  7. Addi Says:
  8. Pizza, no question. Specifically, Pudgy's GF pizza. (Though we had a GF crust in Springfield that gave it a run for its money.)

    Joined Brian for this CFFB nugget:
    As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
    1 Push Press @ 65% of body weight
    1 Strict Pull Up
    3 Push Presses @ 65% of body weight
    3 Strict Pull Ups
    5 Push Presses @ 65% of body weight
    5 Strict Pull Ups

    6 rounds even w/110# (BW=165ish)
    Pullups felt pretty decent for me, but those sets of 5 push presses were a bitch. Made me appreciate the sets of 1 so much more. Way heavier than I was anticipating, and the perfect mix of fun and suck. I was alternately enjoying myself and cursing Brian's and John Welbourn's names, depending on where I was in the round. Thanks for letting me play, Brian!
  9. JennG Says:
  10. Did Annie during open gym today. I really can't complain about not having double-unders since I don't work on them that much, so thought I would start putting some more effort into them. They seem to show up a lot.

    Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting from either Farm House or Garden Cafe. I guess not a cheat MEAL, but a cheat for sure. Although it does have carrots and nuts and raisins in it, sooo......
  11. Jeremy Says:
  12. Pizza is my favorite sadly I have no problem eating a large one by myself.
  13. bluejayRN Says:
  14. I have to go with nachos, hands down.

  15. Abby Banks Says:
  16. Pizza's not really my thing. I would go with ice cream....for a meal. Oh yes.
  17. BigD Says:
  18. Ice that gives me an idea. Pizza ala-mode! Yummy!

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