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Ring Dips - Three minutes of practicing and perfecting the movement separated by 1.5 minutes of rest. Repeat for three cycles.

The goal depends on the person. The better you are at ring dips the more you should slow things down and refine your movement. Practice solidifying your kip or improve range of motion (shoulders deep and elbows completely locked out) through strict movement. Hold the lockout, of every rep, for a 1 count.

If you do not have ring dips, it's all about playing. Attempt all kinds of assisted ring dips, push ups, etc. Try to steer clear of the bands. Use a box behind the feet instead or some other way. Get creative.


Three rounds for time of:
10 Clean and Jerk, 186#/131#
30 Double Unders
50 Air Squats

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Abby shows us the top end range of a legit kb swing. Does your swing look like hers?

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9 Responses to "Friday 111111"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Good skill work today. Thanks for the help this morning Jon. Always found myself going down too slow in the ring dips. The ones we did today felt good.
    16:48 in the metcon. Used 154 for the C&Js. Rough one!
    Nice job 5AM.
    Happy Veterans Day to all my former and present armed forces brothers and sisters!
  3. Tovar Says:
  4. I second Dave here and absolutely have to give a shout out to all of the Veteran's and service peeps out there. Thanks so much for all you do! Happy Veteran's Day!

    Also, to follow up Ricky's post yesterday just in case anyone is wondering, Skutt defeated Gretna last night in a hard fought 5 set battle. It was a great game and definitely fun to watch! Congrats to Coach Gross on a great season and good luck to Coach Tovar in the semi-finals!
  5. Natalie Says:
  6. Today was a good one--lots of great coaching, per usual. This has been a slow trek back for me after about 3 weeks of dealing with some sort of bug I've named "lung fire". Pretty great to work out next to some amazing service members..Kory, Big Mike and John...Thanks guys--Happy Veteran's Day to everyone out there. You guys are inspiring.
  7. Crystal Says:
  8. good job 9am.

    Ring dips-did sets of 2 as we rotated thru our group.

    MetCo: DNF. 87#. really bad day today and pretty much gave up before I made it thru the 1st set of 10 C&J. started at 104# for 1st 3reps then dropped to 99# for two reps and then to 87# for remainder. I always have higher expectations than my abilities. Really, really disappointed in today. Thanks to everyone for the motivation at the end today.
  9. Jen Says:
  10. Got in a few ring dips. I need to work on these. Just need to be able to get 10 in a row and not feel like I'm dying.

    13:30 on the metcon. Started with 131 and then dropped to 121 in order to improve my crappy technique.
  11. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  12. "Murph"
    1600 m run
    5 pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 squats
    *20 rds*
    1600m run
    *33:20.. just kept a consistent pace... 6:50 mile then 7:08 mile... Push ups are awesome as usual...
  13. paul Says:
  14. Today was awesome. But that's par for the course with the new programming!

    Did 12 strict ring dips/rd, in 2s for the first one, then in 3s. Felt good. Got tough by the end, but I probably had a few more in me. Still, just feeling out that movement since I haven't done them in a while.

    13:31 with 154# for the metcon. This was the perfect scale for me. Kept decent form with the c&j throughout, but they were still challenging.

    Nice working out with the 4:30 gangstas! Great work, people!
  15. Abby Banks Says:
  16. Woo! Made the blog ;)
  17. Addi Says:
  18. I wish the top of my swing looked that good! Nice work, Abby!

    13:44 today. I'm calling it superprescribed because I used 132# (sorry, BC - 60 kg) on the men's bar. Not that that excuses my sorry performance on the air squats. Those felt miserable.

    Fun to work on dips - 15, 12, and 12 strict. In singles and sets of 2.

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